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Victims of Benevolence: The Dark Legacy of the Williams Lake Residential School
Format: Paperback
  • An unsettling study of two tragic events at an Indian residential school in British Columbia which serve as a microcosm of the profound impact the residential school system had on Aboriginal communities in Canada throughout this century. The book's focal points are the death of a runaway boy and the suicide of another while they were students at the Williams Lake Indian Residential School during the early part of this century. Imbedded in these stories is the complex relationship between the Department of Indian Affairs, the Oblates, and the Aboriginal communities that in turn has influenced relations between government, church, and Aboriginals today.


Views from Fort Battleford
Format: Paperback
  • The Myth of the Mounties as neutral arbiters between Aboriginal peoplesand incoming settlers remains a cornerstone of the western Canadiannarrative of a peaceful frontier experience that differs dramaticallyfrom its American equivalent. Walter Hildebrandt eviscerates this myth,placing the NWMP and early settlement in an international framework ofimperialist plunder and the imposition of colonialist ideology. FortBattleford, as an architectural endeavour, and as a Euro-Canadiansettlement, oozed British and central Canadian values. The Mounties,like the Ottawa government that paid their salaries, “were in theWest to assure that a new cultural template of social behaviour wouldreplace the one they found.” The newcomers were blind to thecultural values and material achievements of the millennia-longresidents of the North-West. Unlike their fur trade predecessors, thesettler state had little need to respect or accommodate Aboriginalpeople. Following policies that resulted in starvation for Natives, thecolonizers then responded brutally to the uprising of some of theoppressed in 1885. Hildebrandt’s ability to view these eventsfrom the indigenous viewpoint places the Mounties, the Canadian state,and the regional settlement experience under an entirely different spotlight.


Voices of the Elders: Huu-ay-aht Histories and Legends
Format: Paperback
  • There is a special place on the southeastern shores of Barkley Sound, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is a magnificent landscape of rocky cliffs fronting onto the wild Pacific Ocean, sheltered beaches, lakes, mountains and forests. Since the beginning of time, it has been the ancestral home of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation.Drawing directly from oral history passed down by generations of Huu-ay-aht chiefs and elders, Kathryn Bridge and Kevin Neary tell the compelling stories of the Huu-ay-aht people from their perspective. This is a fascinating glimpse into the complex and rich history of a West Coast First Nation, from creation tales and accounts of their traditional ways to the recent Maa'nulth treaty.


Voices of the Plains Cree
Author: Edward Ahenakew
Traditional Territory: Cree
Format: Paperback
  • When buffalo were many on the western plains, when Cree and Blackfoot warred in unrelenting enmity, when the Sun Dance and the shaking tent were still a way of life these were the days of Chief Thundershild (1849-1927). His stories of a fierce and vanished freedom are reprinted here, exactly as he told them to Edward Ahenakew in 1923. His voice, simple and poetic, resonates with the wide expanse of sky, the song of the wind, the sound of water.

    The other voice in this volume is equally moving, but in a very different way. It is the voice of Old Keyam, pained and angry, raised in protest against the Indians' lethargy and the white man's insensitivity. A fictional character, semi-autobiographical, he is very much the voice of Edward Ahenakew, telling of life on the reservations in the new white world of the early twentieth century.


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