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Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans have been well received, thank you! We wanted to make it easier for you to find them. Click here to go to: Kids Books > Reading Connections. You can choose from either Fiction or Non Fiction. Soon to come, Numeracy lesson plans.

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The Six Cedar Trees Bundle
» February 5 / 2018

The Six Cedar Trees Bundle
The Six Cedar Trees book features the core competencies, each represented by an animal (bear, beaver, orca, raven, salmon and wolf.) The Posters include the prompts from the book which support the core competencies, as well as the image of each featured animal.

Included in the bundle is:
•The book, The Six Cedar Trees
•Large Poster for individual self-reflection
•Mini posters designed for use with a group
•Plush animals for each of the core competencies: bear, beaver, orca, raven, salmon and wolf.

The bundle is available Here

New French Posters
We have translated our Primary Strong Reader Tools Poster, Reading Strategy Set and Mindfulness Set into French!

All 3 can be found in our French Learning Resources category

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Lil’wat Principles of Learning Kamúcwkalha - acknowledging the felt energy indicating group attunement and the emergence of a common group purpose. Celhcelh - each person being responsible for their own and others learning, always seeking learning opportunities. Kat'il'a - seeking spaces of stillness and quietness amidst our busyness and quest for knowledge. A7xekcal - valuing our own expertise and considering how it helps the entire community beyond ourselves. Cwelelep - reco ...

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