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Jak's Story
Format: Paperback
Thirteen-year-old Jak Loren is a typical boy with the usual problems a family with older sisters and younger brothers presents. Never mind the troubles at school - bullies and girls!

When Jak goes to the ravine near his home in Brantford to get away from Steven Burke, a bully who's been tormenting him, he discovers the ravine has a history that's much older than he thought. He meets Grandfather Rock, who shares with him the story of the people who have lived near the ravine for thousands of years. Soon Jak's eyes are opened to a new world of beings and respect.

He learns about First Nations people and how their teachings inhabit the spirits of all living things that surround us even today. The tales of the First Nations help Jak to understand that the gift of life is something to be cherished. And when a construction crew arrives in his neighbourhood and threatens his beloved ravine, Jak knows he has to act to save it.

Jason And The Sea Otter
Format: Hardcover
In this contemporary tale, Jason discovers the return of the sea otter to his West Coast village. In an entertaining way, Jason and the Sea Otter teaches children the importance of learning about and being in nature, and the respect that nature's wild creatures deserve.


Jason's New Dugout Canoe
Format: Hardcover
The long-awaited sequel to BC children's classic Jason and the Sea Otter.

This delightful story of a Nuu-chah-nulth boy explores First Nations traditions and values through the making of a canoe. Jason's first canoe is crushed during a storm, and he must replace it. Through Uncle Silas, he learns the traditional methods of canoe building - plus scores of stories and legends about his heritage. In an entertaining way, Jason's New Dugout Canoe also teaches the important lesson of patience, plus respect and reverence for nature and all its creatures.

The story is packed with stunning, full-colour illustrations by Paul Montpellier, which one reviewer has described as "wonderfully clear and detailed, capturing both closeness to nature and a sense of continuity of Native tradition."

Je ne suis pas un numero
Format: Paperback
Irene, huit ans et ses deux frères sont forcés de quitter leur famille pour aller dans un pensionnat loin de chez eux. C'est la loi! Dans cet endroit austère, on les empêche de parler leur langue et on leur donne un numéro en guise de nom. À la fin de l'année scolaire, les enfants rentrent à la maison et informent leurs parents des conditions exécrables dans lesquelles ils doivent vivre au pensionnat. Trouveront-ils un moyen de cacher les enfants afin qu'ils n'y retournent jamais?

Inspiré de la vie de la grand-mère de Jenny Kay Dupuis, Je ne suis pas un numéro met en lumière une sombre partie de l'histoire du Canada de manière à sensibiliser les enfants et à leur permettre d'en tirer une leçon humaine et historique.

Je suis Corbeau
Format: Hardcover
Sélection Communication-Jeunesse 2010-2011, 5-8 ans
Médaille d’or du Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, 2009

“Certains vous diront que votre totem représente l’être que vous étiez dans une vie antérieure ou que vous pourriez devenir dans la prochaine. C’est peut-être vrai. D’autres vous diront que votre totem est la source de vos forces et de vos faiblesses. Ça, je le crois. Connaître mon totem m’aide à me connaître. Et quand je connais le totem de quelqu’un d’autre, cela m’aide à mieux le comprendre.”

Cet ouvrage de l’auteur métis David Bouchard nous familiarise avec le sens, le concept et le rôle du totem et des animaux emblématiques dans la vie de tous les jours des peuples des Premières nations. Ce livre a remporté, dans sa version anglaise, la médaille d’or du prix Moonbeam du livre pour enfants, dans la catégorie multiculturelle. Il fait partie de la sélection Communication-Jeunesse des 241 meilleurs livres de l’année, 2010-2011, dans la catégorie « conte et légende, 5-8 ans ».

Jenneli's Dance
Author: Elizabeth Denny
Content Territory: Métis
Format: Paperback
Jenneli is a shy young girl who feels that she is nothing special, until she learns about the Metis Red-River Jig from her grandma. One day, Grandma Lucee enters her into a jigging contest. Jenneli's Dance is a story that instills a sense of pride in the Metis culture, and deals with low self-esteem.

Jim Thorpe's Bright Path
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Format: Paperback
Being awarded "Athlete of the Century" in 1999 was a marvelous achievement for a Native kid born in a log cabin. Thorpe had much going for him: determination, confidence, amazing athletic ability, and a father who insisted that he learn English to protect himself from unscrupulous men who took advantage of Indians.


Jimmy Tames Horses
Format: Paperback
Jimmy Tames Horses is a story about a little boy from the city who is trying to fit in with his cousins who have always lived on the Kamloops Indian Reserve and his feelings of being left out.

Throughout the course of a summer Jimmy works with a colt, overcoming initial fears and eventually becomes a famous horse tamer.

The Artist Mary Longman is a member of Gordon Band located near Puunichy, Saskatchewan. She is a graduate from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver with a Master's degree in Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax

Jingle Dancer
Author: Cynthia L Smith
Content Territory: Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Format: Hardcover
Jenna, a contemporary Muscogee (Creek) girl, wants to honor a family tradition by jingle dancing at the next powwow. But where will she find enough jingles for her dress? An unusual, warm family story, beautifully evoked in Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu's watercolor art. Notable Children's Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies 2001, National Council for SS & Child. Book Council. Ages 4-8

Join In and Play
Author: Cheri Meiners
Format: Paperback
It’s fun to make friends and play with others, but it’s not always easy to do.

You have to make an effort, and you have to know the rules—like ask before joining in, take turns, play fair, and be a good sport. This book teaches social skills for children using the basics of cooperation, getting along, making friends, and being a friend.

Includes ideas for games adults can use with kids to reinforce the social skills being taught.

Educator Information
This book is part of the Learning to Get Along Series, which helps children learn, understand, and practice basic social and emotional skills. Real-life scenarios, lots of diversity, and captivating illustrations make these read-aloud books perfect for home and childcare settings, as well as schools and special education settings. Each book ends with a section of discussion questions, games, and activities adults can use to reinforce what children have learned.

Common Core:

Head Start:
Supports the domains of Social & Emotional Development, Logic & Reasoning, Language Development, Literacy Knowledge & Skills, and Social Studies Knowledge & Skills in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

F&P: Grade 1/Ages 4–8/H

Additional Information
40 pages | 9.01" x 9.17"

Joseph Brant (The Canadians Series)
Author: Roy Petrie
Content Territory: Kanyen'kehà:ka (Mohawk)
Format: Paperback
Joseph Brant, the greatest Iroquois leader, was a powerful organizer of his own people and a loyal ally of the British colonial forces. Born in 1742, Brant gained his first battle experience at the age of thirteen, in the wars against the French. His loyalty to the British continued and by 1757 he had earned a commission as captain.

It was Brant who encouraged the Six Nations Confederacy to ally with the British against the French, and then against the rebelling American colonists. With the retreat of the British after the revolution, Brant and his people were forced to emigrate to a tract of land along the Grand River in Upper Canada. Here Brant began a new struggle against colonial domination and restrictive land regulations which was to continue until his death.

The biography presents Brant's story as a focus for a broader issues of the time: the converging of two very different cultures, the expansion of settlement in the New World, and the violent struggles for colonial power.

Additional Information
64 pages | 6.50" x 8.50"

Recommended Ages: 10-13

This book is part of The Canadians Series.
Authentic Canadian Content

Joy of Apex
Author: Napatsi Folger
Format: Paperback
Joy is ten years old, living in Apex, Nunavut--a suburb of Iqaluit--and loving life. Her little sister Allashua may be annoying, but all in all Joy loves living at the top of the world in Apex.

But when Joy begins to notice her parents fighting a lot more than usual, and her mom staying with her sisters in Iqaluit more than she is home, Joy's perfect life soon becomes a lot more complicated.

As Joy navigates her parents' separation and its affect on her family, she learns some valuable lessons about how to cope when life gets tough. Told in the wry, funny voice of a smart and savvy ten-year-old girl, this book will appeal to young readers everywhere.

Juliana's Bananas: Where Do Your Bananas Come From?
Author: Ruth Walton
Format: Hardcover
An educational resource to help children explore the issue of fair trade by allowing them to see through the eyes of the children of banana farmers in the Windward Islands. The author spent time with the farmers' families and she uses the real-life narratives of two young children going about their daily activities to show how bananas grow, how problems such as hurricanes can affect the crop, how they are picked and transported, and how they end up in our stores.

The main story is illustrated with colorful collages made from painted textures and photographs from the Islands. Interspersed in the story are boxes with maps, facts, and photos giving more detail on the places and methods and challenges. Its ends with banana recipes and bigger picture" descriptions, maps and photos of where bananas come from, and examples of social premium funded projects.

With plenty of points for discussion, Juliana's Bananas will give girls and boys an insight into the lives of children like them in the Caribbean and how fair trade premiums help communities all over the world build better living conditions.

Ruth Walton is skilled in many areas of book design, including illustration, layout, and typography. She produces educational books using a combination of letterpress, illustration, collage, and photography. Previous books include the Let's Find Out series.

Junior Atlas of Canada and the World
Author: Pacific Edge
Format: Board Book
Finally, an atlas especially created for younger students. The production of “The Junior Atlas of Canada and the World” is a successful culmination of a careful collaboration of elementary teachers determined to provide primary students with a resource that is interesting, clear and easy to use. This colourful atlas provides children with simplified political and physical maps of the world, the continents, Canada and the provinces. Unlike most school atlases, the clutter has been kept to a minimum—only the most basic of facts and visual information is given so as not to distract young eyes and minds.

Simple and clear, The Junior Atlas of Canada and the World will be helpful for teaching younger students about basic map skills and for discovering interesting facts about the world and Canada. The colourful and clearly designed maps, fact pages and a simple index of the continents, oceans and countries make discovering our world and country much easier for primary students.

What’s Inside
• basic information to help young students understand maps and globes
• simplified world maps showing the continents & oceans (political and physical) and population
• simplified maps for each continent (political and physical) and “fast facts”
• simplified maps of Canada (political and physical)
• a simplified political map for each province and territory showing natural resources and a basic information page with colour photographs
• simplified illustration of the Great Lakes & Waterways
• a Canada facts page
• a world facts page
• an index

Grades 2 -4

Junior Atlas of Canada and the World map skills workbook
Author: Brenda Boreham
Format: Board Book
The Map Skills Workbook helps your students learn basic map skills using Junior Atlas of Canada and the World for reference. The reproducible pages in the workbook focus on key concepts and are designed for young students as they grow in their awareness of the larger world.

Key Concepts:
• globes and maps as representations of the world
• features of maps: titles, labels, legends
• directions: north, south, east, west symbols
• hemispheres
• continents and oceans
• Canadian provinces and territories
• Countries of North America
• Canadian symbols (e.g., national and provincial
• land form and political maps flags, national anthem, provincial birds and flowers)

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