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Carol McDougall

Carol McDougall received her B.Ed. from U.Vic. (University of Victoria) with a concentration in music and language arts. Upon graduation, she volunteered with W.U.S.C. (World University Services of Canada) and taught English at Gaborone West Junior Secondary School for two years in Botswana. She also taught music methodology at the University of Gaborone. She returned to Victoria and has taught in classrooms and as a fine arts (art, music and drama) specialist for over two decades. She has also taught student teachers at the University of Victoria.

As a teacher and the parent of two creative kids, she had the idea to create a book which would be fun and engaging for kids. It would be a picture book with an art response (the art directions provided so that young readers could do the art after reading). After choosing a permanent ink and water colour medium, she wrote the story of the life cycle of the salmon. A Salmon’s Sky View was enthusiastically received by Ms. McDougall’s students. She decided to use her book as the basis for graduate work and received her M.A. from Gonzaga University in Leadership and Administration. Her research involved collaborating with teachers involved in the stewardship program of incubating salmon in the classroom. During her graduate work she became aware of an opportunity for students to exchange artwork with children from other countries. The Global Arts program through U.Vic connects children through the art theme “The World We Want”. With a thorough understanding of creativity, literacy and the value of art integration, A Salmon’s Sky View was published and Ms. McDougall made herself available for conferences, talks, workshops and author visits. Ms. McDougall continues to teach in a middle school and enjoys art and writing in her spare time.

A Salmon's Sky View
Format: Hardcover
Grade Levels: Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5;

The ink and watercolour illustrations in this book reflect the life cycle of a salmon from the salmon’s point of view looking up from underwater.  Silhouette images provide a clue to the seasons and to the predators the salmon encounters throughout its life.  The story reminds us how the salmon demonstrates great determination and strength in its long journey from the stream where life begins, 
to the ocean, and back to its natal stream.  
Carol ends the story with a step-by-step instructional guide to create your own ink and watercolour image.

Educator Information
This is the 10th anniversary edition from CSWA Science in Society award-winning author/illustrator Carol McDougall, B. Ed., M.A. Carol is an international educator and conservationist with decades of classroom and fine arts teaching experience. She conducts workshops on using the arts to help make learning creative and engaging.

Recommended Grades: K-5.

Additional Information
32 pages | 11" x 8.5" | ISBN: 9781771744461 | Hardcover

Authentic Canadian Content