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Teen Books
Dream Wheels
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 10; 11; 12;

Cowboy lore and First Nations mysticism in this affecting novel about the healing effects of family. In pursuit of a world-champion title, Joe Willie Wolfchild suffers a horrific, career-ending accident while riding a temperamental bull named C-4. His supportive family, longtime rodeo people, whisk him back to their ranch to recuperate. Far from the laconic stereotype, this book is filled with his soaring descriptions of the desert landscape, action-packed rodeo scenes, and reverence for hearth and home which will strike a chord with readers.

Dream Wheels is a vital and unsparing novel from one of the most fascinating voices in Canadian writing.

Joe Willie Wolfchild is on the verge of becoming a World Champion rodeo cowboy when a legendary bull cripples him. At the same time, in the same city, Claire Hartley is brutally assaulted and her 14-year-old son, Aiden, is critically injured during a burglary. The young Ojibway-Sioux man, the black single mother and her mulatto son find their lives irrevocably changed.

Joe Willie, a rodeo cowboy since he was a child, smolders in angry silence over a deformed left arm and a limp that make it impossible for him to compete. Claire, a victim of numerous bad relationships, withdraws from men and swears a bitter celibacy. Aiden gains notoriety among his criminal peers and slips into a self-destructive spiral of drugs and violence.

Eager to find a place for her son to channel his explosive energies, Claire brings Aiden to a rodeo camp run by the Wolfchild family, where he is drawn to bull riding and proves to be a stunning natural. But Joe Willie refuses to have anything to do with the camp, remaining an aloof, mysterious presence to Claire and the boy.

Birch Wolfchild, Joe Willie’s father, sees the potential for Aiden to become a champion and for his son to heal himself, if they can move beyond anger to forge a partnership. Claire’s and Joe Willie’s wounds bring them together in a surprising romance, and beneath it all is Birch Wolfchild’s tale of the changing of the life of the Indian cowboy.

Dream Wheels is a story about change. Moving from the Wild West Shows of the late 1880s to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas to a lush valley in the mountains, it tells the story of a people’s journey, a family’s vision, a man’s reawakening, a woman’s recovery, and a boy’s emergence to manhood.

“Richard Wagamese is a born storyteller and Dream Wheels is his finest book yet. Cover to cover a ripping read.”  —Louise Erdrich

“A three-pronged story of redemption, kinship and healing. . . . Dream Wheels’s. . .wisdom is not community specific. It’s
universal.” —The Gazette (Montreal)

“Compelling. . . . With an opening passage reminiscent of Faulkner . . . Dream Wheels will delight cowboy literature fans, readers looking for a gorgeous turn of phrase, those interested in Native culture, or anyone simply after an engaging and satisfying story.” —Calgary Herald

Educator Information
Recommended Ages: 15+

Grades 10-11 BC English First Peoples resource for the unit on Relationships.

Additional Information
416 pages | 5.00" x 8.00"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text

Teen Books
Sioux Winter
Bill Freeman
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8;

"My mother is held as a prisoner by the Sioux," Black Eagle said, looking directly at Jamie. "Will you come with me to rescue her?" So Jamie and Kate Bains are summoned on a dangerous mission to help their friend, Black Eagle.

His mother Spotted Bird is being held captive deep in Montana Territory and, unless they find her and set her free, Black Eagle may never see his mother again. To reach their destination, the three friends must travel hundreds of miles across unfamiliar prairie, battle blizzards, the U.S. Army and bands of Sioux warriors, who are the sworn enemies of Black Eagle and the Assiniboine. The obstacles they must overcome are great, but both the Bains and Black Eagle are used to adversity and determined to overcome it.

Set against the harsh landscape of the Canadian and U.S. West, Sioux Winter is the story of three friends who fight to overcome great odds and keep a family together. The book is illustrated with photos chronicling this exciting period in Canadian history.

This is the eighth book in the Bains series of historical novels, well-researched, action-filled narratives following the travels of one family across Canada--from Newfoundland to Alberta-- in search of a better life during the hard times of the 1870s.

Authentic Canadian Content

Kids Books
Little Chief and Mighty Gopher: The Pemmican Frenzy
Ben Crane
Format: Hardcover
Grade Levels: 2; 3; 4;

Discover what happens when a young boy’s friendship with a gopher turns everyone’s life upside down!

Written by Indigenous author Victor Lethbridge and beautifully illustrated by Ben Crane, Little Chief and Mighty Gopher: The Pemmican Frenzy tells the story of a young boy who finds friends and acceptance in unexpected places. This is a funny, heartfelt story of hope, empowerment and determination suited to young readers, the young at heart and those who struggle with bullying and rejection.

This book has already become a Canadian bestseller and winner of numerous awards. It has become a favourite among many young readers and has garnered much attention in the literary world.

Anticipation is growing to see what adventures lie ahead for “Little Chief” and his cast of friends!


  • 2011 Alberta Book Award: Children’s and Young Adult Book of the Year
  • 2011 Nautilus Book Award Silver Medalist - Children’s Book Category
  • 2010 SIWC Griffin Award
  • 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Bronze Medalist - Best First Book

Educator Information
Included: Bonus CD with narrated story and song. Special Feature: Word translation in Sioux, Cree, and Blackfoot.

Additional Information
34 pages | 10.00" x 9.25"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text


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