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Raven Series Complete Set
Author: Terri Mack
Traditional Territory: Kwakwaka'wakw
Format: Coil Bound
  • The Raven Series are a set of six books written for the emergent reader and learner. Each book focuses on a specific learning intention that builds on strengthening learning with the support of an adult. The titles and their learning intentions are:

    Raven and the Box: promotes an oral retell
    Raven and Duck: basic concepts
    Raven and Frog Count: number recognition
    I Spy Raven: rhyme and perspective
    Raven Sings the ABC's: letter recognition, vocabulary building
    Raven Makes a Necklace: colours and patterns

Authentic Canadian Content

Canada Close Up: Yukon
Format: Paperback
  • Mountains and rivers; forests and tundra; grizzlies and caribou; trapping and whaling; the Klondike gold rush and the Yukon Quest: It?s all about Yukon!


Colors Colores
Author: Jorge Lujan
Format: Hardcover
  • Noted poet Jorge Lujan and South Africa's illustrious illustrator Piet Grobler teamed up to produce this exquisite celebration of color. As day turns into night, we are given fleeting, evocative glimpses of the qualities inherent in a range of colors. An antelope and some children are pictured inhabiting this delicate world.


Enora and the Black Crane
Format: Paperback
  • An enchanting tale set in the rainforests of Queensland, this children’s story follows Enora and his family as the natural world is created, and Enora’s people are surrounded by delicious bush food and amazing animals. When Enora discovers a shimmering rainbow of color flying through the rainforest, his curiosity overwhelms him, and he sets out to discover its meaning. Based on the traditional lore and customs of Queensland’s Kokoimudgji tribe, this storybook’s beautifully detailed illustrations are sure to engage and inspire children.


My Little Baby Bear
Author: Terri Mack
Format: Paperback
  • “My little baby bear,
    Will you go to sleep?
    You want to giggle with me,
    As I count the sheep!”

    Have some bedtime giggles with your little baby bear while reading this warm and tender poem.

    Written with accessible language and an easy syllable count for an easy read aloud for adults to have success with.

    The book works well with a drum to sing the poem together as a group.

    A set of wall decals and a matching card game are also available for this book.

    Book Dimensions: 8in x 8in
    Pages: 16
    ISBN: 9781771740562

Authentic Canadian Content

The Long March
Format: Paperback
  • Tells the story of how the Choctaws helped the Irish during the famine of 1847 and provides flashbacks to the horrors of the
    500-mile Long March in which half of their people died.


The Pole
Author: Eric Walters
Format: Paperback
  • The Pole is Eric Walters's powerful fictionalized retelling of Robert Peary's 1909 expedition to the North Pole aboard The Roosevelt, as experienced by a young cabin boy named Danny, away from home and at sea for the very first time. This highly adventurous tale features Canadian hero Robert Bartlett, captain of The Roosevelt (featured in Walters's mega-bestselling Trapped in Ice), and Matthew Henson, Peary's assistant and the first African-American Arctic explorer.


Winter Camp
Format: Paperback
  • Recently orphaned, Toughboy and Sister live with an elderly, cantankerous Athabascan. In late fall she has them all flown to camp in a bush plane to teach the children how to trap and deal with the harsh winter. When an old miner is seriously injured and sets off for help, the children find their spirits pushed to the limits. Sequel to Toughboy and Sister.


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