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From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community Grade 2 Bundle

Status: Available
Reading Level: 2

From the Mountains to the Sea is a series of three books, each with it's own bundle of items: Kindergarten- We Live Here Grade 1- We Share the Seasons Grade 2- We Are a Community

This book supports the following:

• Aboriginal Learning Standards for both science and social studies are captured in these unique books. Science is always on the left, social studies on the right.
• Each book provides opportunity to extend into place based learning.
• Each book is 10” x 14” and is meant to be read aloud multiple times.
• Each book captures the journey of a river from its source high up in the mountains and then to the estuary where it meets the sea. Along this journey we meet the cedar, salmon, bear, eagle and orca.
• Within the K and Grade 1 books there are educator notes to help support the content for both science and social studies. The Grade 2 book is self explanatory as it is being read aloud.
• Within the K and Grade 1 books the structure for a Talking Circle is embedded along with notes on how to facilitate a circle.
• The importance of the salmon in how it provides food and nutrients within the river eco-system is an inferred focus for each title.

Click link to download a Grade 2 five week planning guide: Grade 2 FREE Download for We Are a Community

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From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;

Each book in the series, From the Mountains to the Sea, supports the new BC Aboriginal Learning Standards in both Science and Social Studies.

Click link to download a Grade 2 five week planning guide: Grade 2 FREE Download for We Are a Community

Back of book introduction:

From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community is a Grade 2 resource which covers all of your Aboriginal Learning Standards in both science and social studies within the new BC curriculum.

This book is about a river. Most rivers start high up in the mountains. As the water comes downhill, it makes little pathways in the rocks and gravel. As the pathways get bigger, they join to make streams. When several streams join, they make a river. Some rivers have waterfalls and deep pools. In some places, fast moving water tumbles over rocks forming rapids. When a river leaves the mountain for flatter ground it starts to slow down. Eventually, a river ends when it flows into the sea. Where the fresh water and the salt water meet is an estuary. Have you ever been to an estuary?

The area in and around an estuary is a good place for plants, animals and people to live because we can all find food and water there. The salmon is an important food for many of us. Have you ever eaten salmon?

People have paid attention to the life cycle of salmon for thousands of years. We have learned that sometimes we can help salmon survive by building a salmon hatchery along a river. Some hatcheries are huge while others are quite small. Have you ever visited a salmon hatchery?

There are many sizes of rivers in the world. Some are wide. Some are narrow. Some are deep. Some are shallow.
Do you live near a river?
What plants and animals have you seen there?

This book is also part of a bundled package that includes:
A Card Game, matching and sequencing
Bulletin board trimmers
Click here to view the bundle: From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community Bundle


Bulletin Board Trimmer: Salmon
Size: 89cm L X 7 cm W

Beautiful salmon designs by Tsimshian artist Bill Helin.

15 pieces cover nearly 44 feet around your bulletin board.

Each piece is 35" x 2.75".


CD: 40 Million Salmon Can't be Wrong

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong weaves together songs, stories, art images and science in an electrifying stage show that helps people understand how we can bring back our wild salmon to historical levels of abundance. Acclaimed singer/songwriters Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright, are joined onstage by the Wilds band (Shawn Soucy-drums, Brian Newcombe-bass, Bill Sample-keyboards, Andreas Schuld-guitar), renowned storyteller and artist Roy Henry Vickers and ocean ecologist Russ George.

The collapse of wild salmon runs is closely tied to the collapse of ocean plankton pastures. This was profoundly demonstrated by the eruption of Kastochi volcano in 2008, its dusting of the ocean pastures with mineral-rich volcanic ash, and the return of 40 million sockeye to the Fraser River in 2010.

Authenticity Note: Some, but limited, Indigenous contribution, such as from artist Roy Henry Vickers.


Strong Learners Memory Matching and Life Cycle Cards - Salmon
Size: 12 cm H X 9 cm W

This card game provides two learning opportunities. Cards consist of six salmon species and the six life cycle stages of the salmon and a salmon crest image. On the salmon species cards students will see both the marine and spawning phase of the salmon on one card.

25 Cards – 1 Instructional Card and 2 each of the following:
• Eggs
• Fry
• Alevin
• Smolt
• Adult
• Spawner

• Chinook
• Chum
• Coho
• Pink
• Sockeye
• Steelhead

At Strong Nations we strive to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all learners with our products. These cards support our book, From the Mountains to the Sea: We Are a Community.



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