Kim Soo Goodtrack

Kim has created over 100 paintings.
Her spiritual quest has guided Kim's creative energy.
Her environmental concerns, coupled with teaching art,
led her to create ART ZONE.
The need for positive First Nation's educational and entertaining TV,
led Kim to create WAKANHEJA.
With the help of her brothers and sister, Ron, Donnie and Dana Claxton,
she was able to complete the projects.
Kim's family is very important to her. With much appreciation, Kim acknowledges the cast and crew and the co-production company for all their support and hard work.

Kim has had many metaphysical experiences and mystical teachings.
Her Lakota heritage gives Kim great pride and self worth.
A self worth that was shattered at an early age.
She has sad and grave memories that have scarred her for life.
Kim prays for all PEOPLE.
1234 First Nations Explore
Content Territory: Lakota
Format: Paperback
1234 First Nations Explore

There are so many wonderful and interesting facts about First Nations Culture. The 1234 book gives children a chance to count while they learn about Aboriginal Peoples from all over "Turtle Island".

Kim is a Lakota artist, teacher in Vancouver, BC and children's TV show writer.

These watercolour paintings are part of a collection that teaches about First Nation's culture. The paintings were featured in “Wakanheja“ in counting time with Terry Turtle.

1234 First Nations Explore Activity Book
Content Territory: Lakota
Format: Paperback
1234 First Nations Explore Activity Book, a companion book to 1234 First Nations Explore.

21 activities that include information from various First Nations.

The ABC's of our Spiritual Connection
Format: Paperback
This book is beautifully illustrated and provides the reader with tidbits of Aboriginal cultural practises from nations across Canada. A must have for your collection ~Terri

The need for positive Aboriginal representation in children's literature has led Kim to share First Nations Spiritual life. As a teacher and artist Kim shares many "Sacred" concepts that she has experienced. In honour of here Lakota heritage and the respect she has for all Aboriginal People's Spiritual journey, the AbC Book was constructed. Kim acknowledges all of her Ancestors and the many People from different Nations that have given their wisdom and guidance. A deep regard is given to all the "Sacred" ceremonies that are not mentioned.

Kims ABC book was seen on Sesame Street.

Her ABC’s were also instrumental in the creation of “Wakanheja”, the First Nations’ children's puppet show.

The ABC's of our Spiritual Connection Colouring Book
Format: Paperback
Beautiful pictures to colour with the text from the book, ABC's of our Spiritual Connection, below each one to read.

We Are All Connected: Lakota, Mixed Grasslands and Bald Eagles
Content Territory: Lakota
Format: Paperback
“We Are All Connected” is a series that explores how we all live together in a shared balance upon Mother Earth. Each book explores a specific ecosystem with a focus on one animal and its adaptations for survival within that ecosystem. Indigenous interviewees, each living within the same area, have responded to strategic questions as to how their community interacts with the land, their traditional territory. Explore each text with a sense of inquiry in mind.

8 We Are All Connected Titles

Coast Salish, Coastal Rainforests and Cougars
Haisla, Rivers and Chinook Salmon
Inuit, Tundra and Ravens
Lakota, Mixed Grasslands and Bald Eagles
Métis, Wetlands and Mallards
Nisga'a, Ponds and Leopard Frogs
Nlaka'pamux, Grasslands and Rattlesnakes
Sto:lo, Riparian Forests and Black Bears

Each title covers the following curricular areas.

Traditional storytelling and artwork begin each title from the focus Indigenous territory.

Science: Biodiversity, classification, life cycles, food chains, food webs and connections between living and non-living things are just some of the science concepts included in each book.

Social Studies: Contemporary and historical Indigenous cultural knowledge flows throughout each book. Local land forms, gatherings, harvesting practices and government are some of the social studies concepts included in each book.

2 Foundation Titles

The two foundational books provide deeper understanding of the content of the “We Are All Connected” titles.

We Are All Connected: The Earth, Our Home- explores biomes, ecosystems and biodiversity.

We Are All Connected: The Earth, We Share- explores the interconnectedness between living and non-living things.

Coming soon – A FREE set of lesson plan downloads that will have an inquiry focus. If you are a member of our website, you will receive the download link via our Newsletter. Otherwise, keep checking the website!

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