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Henry Ripplinger

Henry Ripplinger is one of Canada's most well-known prairie artists.  His work is on display across Canada in private and corporate collections, especially in Saskatchewan, his home province.  

Henry resides with his wife in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

If You're Not from the Prairie...
Henry Ripplinger
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 1; 2; 3; 4;

Award-winning poet David Bouchard offers words that remind the reader of the power of the wind, the sweep of the sky, and adventures on a cold prairie night. Henry Ripplinger's stunning paintings are treasures for the mind and the heart.

"If you're from the prairie or not it doesn't matter: this evocative book will take your breath away. David Bouchard has created a series of verses about life on the prairie that are simple, lyrical and exquisite. Henry Ripplinger's brush matches the cadence of the poetry stroke for stroke. This is a book that is hard to put down and easy to return to. Is it an adult book masquerading as a children's book? It is the author's and illustrator's loving look back to their home, but it transcends age and time and place. A child will be drawn in by the poetry's ingenious metaphors and the pictures' panoramic rural scenes. The prairie landscape is realistically painted with a magical glow that distance in time allows the painter. An adult will hear the nostalgic echoes of childhood. Adult or child--one's eyes will be lost in the expanse of the prairie and one's ears will reverberate with the melodic rhymes." - Theo Hersh, CM Magazine

Educator Information
Ages: 6+

Additional Information
32 pages | 10.34" x 9.36"

Authentic Canadian Content

Si tu n’es pas de la prairie
Henry Ripplinger
Format: Hardcover

Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Our Choice 1997
Communication-Jeunesse, Sélection 2008
Prix de littérature jeunesse Sheila A. Egoff, finaliste 1996

Tous ceux qui connaissent les Prairies pour y être né et y avoir grandi conservent des souvenirs aigres-doux de ce riche terroir, souvenirs qui leur sont aussi chers que les êtres qui les auront marqués.

Si tu n’es pas de la prairie… est un retour en images et en poésie à ces souvenirs d’enfance au pouvoir évocateur. Par sa plume, David Bouchard nous rappelle la force du vent, le ciel infini et le froid mordant. Les magnifiques illustrations de Henry Ripplinger sont des instantanés du passé — parties de hockey sur la rivière, moments de rêvasserie dans les hautes herbes, quête de grenouilles dans l’étang. Grâce à eux, nous découvrons avec nostalgie un lieu et un mode de vie uniques. Voici un baume pour l’esprit et l’âme.

Authentic Canadian Content


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