Robert N. Munsch

Robert Munsch is one of North America’s best-selling children’s authors. His books are staples of any child’s library. All together they have sold over 30 million copies, and have been translated into over a dozen languages.

“I got into it backwards!” is Munsch's reply to questions about how he became a children’s author. That’s because he makes up most of his stories on the spot, and tells them over and over before he writes them down. Munsch is bursting with ideas-though he says it sometimes takes him years to get a good story.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Munsch studied for seven years to be a Jesuit priest before deciding to work with children instead. For the next five years he taught in a variety of nursery schools and daycare centers while he earned an M.A. in early childhood education. In 1975, Munsch and his wife, Ann, moved to Guelph, Ontario, where he became an associate professor of family studies and teacher at the University of Guelph’s preschool. During this time his reputation began to grow.

Munsch has gained wide international recognition for his books and records. The Paper Bag Princess became the kids’ book of the ’80s, and Murmel, Murmel, Murmel won a Juno Award in 1985. In 1986, Thomas’ Snowsuit won the Ruth Schwartz Award, and Munsch himself won the Canadian Booksellers Association’s “Author of the Year” in 1991.

What do people like about Munsch’s stories? They’re contemporary and zany, reflecting “a jaunty belief in the power of children,” says Horn Book. To celebrate the publication of The Paper Bag Princess twenty-five years ago, Annick Press presents The Paper Bag Princess 25th Anniversary Edition (2005) which has the complete storybook, how the book came to be, and never-before published original sketches.

Every year Munsch receives thousands of letters from young fans. He likes to meet the children who send him mail, which sometimes leads to another story. Of his hectic touring schedule, he says simply, “I love it! One of the nicest things about my job is traveling across North America and meeting all kinds of people.”

The Munschs have three children: Julie, Andrew and Tyya.
A Promise Is A Promise
Format: Paperback
  • Contrary to her mothers advice, Allashua decides to challenge the Qallupilluit, an imaginary Inuit character who lives under the sea ice near her home. After a surprising turn of events, the entire family is now free to fish on the ice because legend tells that children with their parents may never be captured, and a "promise is a promise."


Format: Paperback
  • Helen loves springtime - except for the gazillions of blackflies and mosquitoes. But she has a plan. . .

    One day Helen wakes up and it's SPRING! The snow has melted and the sun is shining. But Helen knows that the blackflies will be coming out soon. So she does what any smart kid would do: she sends her little sister outdoors to check! When the blackflies and mosquitoes carry her away, Helen tells her dad, who rushes outside and is carried away himself. Now Helen needs to rescue BOTH of them, along with a wolf and a very clever bear. . .


Ribbon Rescue
Format: Paperback
  • Everyone is late for the wedding and nothing is going right. But Jillian and her incredible, wonderful ribbon dress can fix almost anything: the groom's shoelaces, the bride's unruly hair, the guests' gift ...she even helps keep the best man
    from losing the ring. But now Jillian's dress is a mess — who is going to fix it for her? Children will delight in reading the story and spotting the frogs hidden throughout the book!
    This story was first told to Jillian, a Mohawk girl who came to a storytelling wearing her brand-new traditional ribbon dress.


Smelly Socks
Format: Paperback
  • Tina's new socks are so wonderful she vows to wear them every day! But they begin to smell really, really bad because Tina will not take them off – even to be washed. The kids finally drag Tina down to the river and make her wash those stinky socks, driving away all the fish with the nasty odour! Tina's mom gets her a new shirt as a reward for finally getting her socks clean. A shirt Tina loves so much, she vows never, ever to take it off!


Une Promesse, C'est Une Promesse
Traditional Territory: Inuit
Format: Paperback
  • Texte de Robert Munsch et Michael Kusugak
    Illustrations de Vladyana Krykorka
    Traduit par Carole Freynet-Gagné
    Une légende inuite raconte que des Qallupilluits se cachent
    sous la glace de mer. Ces créatures capturent les enfants qui
    s’aventurent sans leurs parents près des crevasses de la glace.
    Mais la jeune Allashua doute de leur existence et décide,
    malgré la promesse faite à ses parents, d’aller pêcher seule
    sur l’océan glacé. Et comme il fallait s’y attendre, ce ne sont
    pas des poissons qu’elle rapportera à la maison…
    ISBN 978-2-89611-412-2 12,95$



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