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Joyce Perreault

Joyce Lynn Perreault is an educator who is very proud of her Ojibwe/Métis heritage. Born and raised in Manitoba, she now works for the Vancouver School Board as an Aboriginal Education Enhancement Worker. She loves sharing about her culture and helping students excel in their studies. All Creation Represented is Joyce’s first book. “The Anishinaabe/Ojibwe Nation has a teaching that the Medicine Wheel is the circle of life, and includes all the Nations on earth, not just the Ojibwe People. All creation is represented on the Wheel. The Medicine Wheel teaches us about equality, respect for all nations and that all things in life are a continuum of unity and direction.”

All Creation Represented: A Child's Guide to the Medicine Wheel
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Anishinaabeg; Ojibway;
Grade Levels: 3; 4; 5; 6; 7;

All Creation Represented is a child’s guide to the Medicine Wheel. Told from an authentic perspective of an Anishinaabe / Ojibwe knowledge holder, Joyce Perreault skillfully weaves together traditional teachings with modern educational goals, making this book an excellent resource for children of all ages.

The Medicine Wheel is a foundation of teaching and learning that shows how different parts of life are connected and balanced. Many generations of Indigenous cultures have understood the world through Medicine Wheel teachings. The Medicine Wheel offers holistic and relational ways of understanding the self, the family, the community, the natural and spiritual world. The book introduces the concept of a Medicine Wheel, highlighting the significance of the associated ancestral teachings as it discusses various aspects of human well-being, the physical world, and Indigenous culture. This book is designed as an education resource and embodies First Peoples Principles of Learning.

Learn the Ojibwe words that are represented by various aspects of the Medicine Wheel with a glossary at the back of the book, and explore a way of looking at the world that is holistic, sacred, and powerful. All Creation Represented will help readers consider the wisdom and knowledge of the First Peoples who used the Medicine Wheel to teach about and understand the world around them.

Educator Information
This book is designed as an education resource and embodies First Peoples Principles of Learning.

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32 pages | 8.25" x 8.25"


Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text