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Reality Media

Reality Media is all about culture, equity and the environment. We are privileged to live among beautiful and vibrant cultures and thrilled to bring an honest and authentic perspective from the first peoples to the reader. Reality Media provides authentic and empowering information created in an awe inspiring way with full colour pictures/cinematography and illustrations accompanied by art, recipes, stories, and editorial that showcases cultures whose time stretches back through the millenniums but is well anchored in the present. There is so much to learn when you have the opportunity to live in communities for months at a time and listen to the knowledge keepers and join in the community. Reality Media brings this experience to life so that the reader/viewer/student/teacher/librarian can experience these extraordinary cultures first hand.

The Drum Story: Ojibwe Story of The Gift of The Drum - Book and DVD
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Anishinaabeg; Ojibway;

The Drum Story book and movie were created so people could hear and see the storyteller tell the story. This book and DVD combination also features the Ojibwe language alongside English. This beautiful and ancient story has been passed down through many generations. The story tells of a young girl given the gift of the first drum, and how she used that drum to bring peace to her people. Told in the traditional oral style, the teachings of the story are all about respect for one another and how to live well and properly with Mother Earth.

This hardcover book is richly illustrated (60 pictures and paintings) with 12 originally commissioned original artworks. The DVD is included in a sleeve on the inside back cover. The combination of reading and hearing the story told in the ages-old traditional method is extraordinary. The DVD also features traditional drumming and singing. 

Educator Information
The Drum Story book with story-telling DVD includes English and Ojibwe language translation - selectable on DVD with opposing subtitle and teacher/educational aids in PDF format included on the DVD, printable as a teacher resource. 

Additional Information
65 pages | paperback with DVD