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Patricia Monture

Patricia Monture is a citizen of the Mohawk Nation, Grand River Territory (near Brantford, Ontario). She is mother, sister and auntie. Since 1994, she has been employed at the University of Saskatchewan. Monture is presently a full professor in the Department of Sociology where she is also the academic director of the Aboriginal Justice and Criminology Program. Her research interests include crime, law and justice studies; the rights of Aboriginal peoples and a deep commitment to equality rights for women. She has published numerous papers and several books. In 2008, in acknowledgement of her commitment of women's activism in the university, she received the Sarah Shorten Award from the Canadian Association of University Teachers and an honourary doctorate of law from Athabasca University

First Voices: An Aboriginal Women’s Reader
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;

A collection of articles that examine many of the struggles that Aboriginal women have faced, and continue to face, in Canada. Sections include: Profiles of Aboriginal Women; Identity; Territory; Activism; Confronting Colonialism; the Canadian Legal System; and Indigenous Knowledges.

Photographs and poetry are also included.

There are few books on Aboriginal women in Canada; this anthology provides a valuable addition to the literature and fills a critical gap in the fields of Native Studies, Cultural Studies and Women’s Studies.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text