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Neria Wildman

Neria Wildman is an emerging Indigenous artist.

Art Cards: Neria Wildman - Indigenous Plant Fairy (Set of 5)
Size: 14 cm H X 11 cm W

Each card in this blank set of five features a delightful fairy created by emerging artist Neria I. Wildman. Each fairy is based on a different indigenous plant found here in British Columbia:

Blue Camas
Licorice Fern
Stinging Nettle
Devil's Club

You can learn more about the different traditional and medicinal uses of British Columbia's plants from the included picture and information on the back of each card.

All of the cards and envelopes have been made from recycled paper, Kraft Paper, to help ensure these plants will be found in our ecosystem for a long time to come.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork