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Richela Renkun

Richela is a graduate of New York University, where she majored in the performing arts. She brings her film and theater background to her photographic storytelling. Photographing Native American subjects holds a special place in Renkun's heart, and she has been honored by the Lakota with her own Indian name, "Loves Her Horses Woman." Renkun lives with her family and their horses in Vermont.

Rattlesnake Mesa
Format: Hardcover

After her beloved Grandmother dies, EdNah, a seven-year-old Pawnee girl, goes to live with a father she hardly knows on a Navajo reservation miles away. Heartbroken but resilient, she begins to create a new life for herself in this unfamiliar place.

Just as EdNah starts to feel at home in her new surroundings, she is sent away to a strict government-run Indian school. With her world turned upside down once again, EdNah must learn to rely on herself and her newfound community of friends.

Told in the unconventional voice of a seasoned storyteller, Rattlesnake Mesa is a true account of a girl coming-of-age during a complex time in America’s past. Both heartbreaking and humorous, you will be moved to tears and laughter as you experience EdNah’s spirited celebration of life as a healing.

Authentic Indigenous Text