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Morgan Asoyuf

Morgan Asoyuf (nee. Green) was born March 24, 1984 in Prince Rupert BC. She has apprenticed with artists such as Richard Adkins (Haida), Henry Green (Ts'msyen), and attended Vancouver Metal Art School with German Goldsmith Gerold Mueller. Morgan is Ts'msyen Eagle Clan from Lax Kwallams BC. Morgan loves teaching, creating, and fishing on the Skeena River. She is driven to pursue the art form as both a purist and a lover of experimental technique.

Black and White: Visual Stimulation For Babies
Format: Board Book
Grade Levels: Preschool;

Born in British Columbia, Tsimshian artist and mother Morgan Asoyuf makes her publishing debut with Black and White: Visual Stimulation for Babies.

Using familial crests as her artistic inspiration, this book of high-contrast images is designed to stimulate brain growth and visual development in young babies.

Author Statement
The crest system of the Pacific Northwest is what gave rise to the Northwest Coast art form. Crests depict the deeper story of our Peoples' familial ranks and migratory paths.

Beyond my personal interest in historical art and the processes that create it, I also care deeply about the forwarding of traditional Tsm'syen art and culture.

When my baby was one month old I wanted her to be able to look at black and white images from her Tsimhsian culture. As babies develop sight, they can best see high contrast images and patterns. Exposing them to black and white artwork stimulates brain growth and visual devleopment.

I spent two months developing my drawings and testing them on her. Interestingly, she had clear favourites and would be more excited for certain images.

Northwest art has a healing and mesmerizing effect for all ages and I believe viewing it from a young age will create a varied cognitive development.

What a wonderful way to introduce children to a lifetime of reading!

-- Morgan Asoyuf, Tsimshian

Additional Information
20 pages | 6.5" x 6.5"

Authenticity Note: Because this book is wordless, only the Authentic Indigenous Artwork label has been applied and no Text Content Territory has been assigned.  The story is told through images, though, which depict Tsimshian culture.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Snapback Cap (Cotton Twill) - Morgan Asoyuf - The Ocean Is Our Life Force (Black/Grey)
Size: One Size
Artist: Morgan Asoyuf
Colour: Black, Grey

Snapback Cap featuring The Ocean Is Our Life Force design from Tsimshian artist Morgan Asoyuf. 


  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • Flat brim, adjustable snap back.
  • Printed artwork.
Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Table Runner: Morgan Asoyuf - Running Raven
Artist: Morgan Asoyuf

Dress up your dining table with a Northwest Runner. Makes a great souvenir for reminiscing about an adventure in the Pacific Northwest around the dinner table.

The Northwest Runner also makes an excellent ceremonial gift and can be used as a sash of acknowledgment.

Features Running Raven by Tsimshian artist, Morgan Asoyuf.
Can also be used for home décor and as a bed runner.

Measures 13” x 96”; 40% cotton / 60% polyester jacquard weave pattern.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork


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