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Mark Aspland

Mark Aspland is a videographer based in Iqaluit.

Série de lecture Nunavummi: Une randonnée au terrain de jeux
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: Kindergarten;

Ce livre séquentiel sans mot met en vedette un garçon qui se rend au terrain de jeux, joue dans différents modules et retourne très fatigué à la maison!

This wordless sequence book features a girl going to the playground, trying out all the different equipment and going home very tired!

Educator Information
This book is part of the Nunavummi Reading Series, a Nunavut-developed series that supports literacy learning while teaching readers about the people, traditions, and environment of the Canadian Arctic. Une randonnée au terrain de jeux is a Level 1 book in the series. It is a wordless picture book.

Recommended for ages 3-5.

Additional Information
12 pages | 6.00" x 6.00"

Text Content Note: Becuase this book is wordless, it features no Text Content Territory. As the story is told through images, though, the depictions of a child at the playground in the Canadian north would relate to studies of modern Inuit life.

Authentic Canadian Content