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Mike Keepness

For illustrator Mike Keepness, growing up on Pasqua First Nation helped develop a love for nature. His wide-open prairie scenes evoke a sense of the majestic vastness of the great Canadian prairies, reminding us of our need to harmonize modern technology with an endangered ecology that is our duty to preserve.

He Who Flies by Night: The Story of Grey Owl
Lori Punshon
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations;
Grade Levels: Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5;

He Who Flies By Night: The Story of Grey Owl tells the true story of how Englishman Archie Belaney fulfilled his childhood fantasy of living in Canada's North with the First Nations people. He transformed himself into Wa-Sha-Quon-Asin or 'Grey Owl,' living with the animals of the forest and coming to love and respect the beauty and balance of nature. Children will love reading of how he lives with his two beaver friends, Jelly Roll and Rawhide, and how part of their beaver lodge was built right up through the floor of his cabin at Ajawaan Lake, Saskatchewan! Grey Owl became a well-respected conservationist, saving his beloved beavers from extinction.

Grey Owl's vision and quest for conservation is shared throughout this book. The story itself is written in an engaging and colourful manner and beautiful paintings by First Nations artist, Mike Keepness, illustrate Grey Owl's remarkable adventures in northern Saskatchewan and take the reader from dawn to dusk and through the seasons. Children will be intrigued to discover a grey owl in every picture and the paintings themselves, in addition to their clarity of depiction, convey the humour and poignancy of Grey Owl's chosen life in the wild.

Most children are unaware of Grey Owl and the lasting legacy of conservation he inspired. It is our hope that He Who Flies By Night: The Story of Grey Owl will continue to share Grey Owl's wonderful, timeless message of respect for nature and wildlife. Grey Owl, a master storyteller himself, often spoke with children about the importance of our place in the environment, saying, Remember, you belong to Nature, not it to you.

Additional Information
32 pages | 9.00" x 9.00"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Hommage au bison
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 4; 5; 6; 7;

À travers le Créateur, le bison s’est offert en cadeau au peuple cri des Plaines pour lui procurer nourriture et assurer sa survie. Autrefois, le plus imposant mammifère terrestre d’Amérique du Nord parcourait les vastes plaines au nombre de 30 à 50 millions. Il a fourni abri, nourriture, vêtements, outils, équipement de chasse, objets cérémoniels et plusieurs autres nécessités aux habitants des Plaines.

Mais vers 1889, il ne restait plus qu’un millier de bisons et la vie des Cris des Plaines a changé. Encore de nos jours, on voue un grand respect au bison en souvenir de la vie harmonieuse qui a déjà existé.

Cette histoire relate la façon dont le bison s’est donné sans compter.

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50 pages | 11.00" x 8.50"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: Preschool; Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7;

"A long time ago, Our People came from the Northern Woodlands to the Great Plains looking for food," Grandfather said. "They saw that the Buffalo lived in harmony with Mother Earth the same as Our People did."

Through the Creator, the buffalo gave themselves as a gift for the sustenance and survival of the Plains Cree people. The largest land animal in North America once thundered across the Great Plains in numbers of 30 to 50 million. They provided shelter, food, clothing, tools, hunting gear, ceremonial objects and many other necessities for those who lived on the Plains.

But by 1889, just over a thousand buffalo remained, and the lives of the Plains Cree people changed. The buffalo is honoured to this day, a reminder of life in harmony with nature as it was once lived. This is the story of how the buffalo came to share themselves so freely.

Educator Information
The text is in English and y-dialect Plains Cree.  Y-dialect Plains Cree translation by Randy Morin, Jean Okimasis, and Arok Wolvengrey.

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48 pages | 11.00" x 8.50"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text
Authentic Indigenous Artwork


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