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As a child, Rogé (Roger Girard) knew that he wanted to be an artist. After earning a degree in graphic design at Université Laval, he worked in advertising for five years before working in international cooperation in the Dominican Republic. While there, he created large murals in a local village. He returned to Montreal, changed by this experience, and decided to devote himself to illustration. Since then, his creations have illustrated ad campaigns, posters and magazines, but it is the world of children's literature and its lack of constraints that has given him the freedom to create, and develop his own style. He was a GG finalist in 2002. Rogé lives in Montreal.

Mingan My Village
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 3; 4; 5;

Illustrator Rogé visited a school in Mingan, an Innu village in northeastern Quebec. He spent a few days taking the time to photograph each child. Once he returned home to his studio, brush in hand, he revisited the eyes of these children and drew their portraits.

Mingan, my village is a collection of fifteen faces, and fifteen poems written by young Innu. Given a platform to be heard, the children chose to transport readers far away from the difficulties and problems related to their realities to see the beauty that surrounds them in nature.

First published in French as Mingan Mon Village in 2012, which won several awards and nominations, including:  Winner, 2013 Prix des libraires du Québec jeunesse (5-11 years category); 2013 Governor General’s Award, French Children’s Illustration finalist Finalist; Prix TD de Littérature Canadienne pour L’enfance et la Jeunesse 2013.

"Mingan, My Village is a beautiful collection of poetry created by Innu children of the Teueikan school in Mingan, Quebec. The compilation includes 15 poems and 15 portraits that reveal a glimpse into the lives of the poets. Their poetry often focuses on local values, including relationships with nature and connections with the ancestors. The children skilfully integrate elements of imagery, metaphor, and simile, filling each page with emotion and meaning. . . Mingan, My Village offers a heartfelt glimpse into the lives of the Innu children. The poetry is inspired and supported by a range of artists, and Rogé's artwork masterfully complements the poets. Highly Recommended." — CM Magazine

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42 pages | 8.00" x 12.00"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text