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Nicole Caldwell

Nicole Caldwell is a writer, farmer, sustainability educator, and former editor of Playgirl. She runs Better Farm, a 65-acre organic farm in upstate New York.

FARM + LAND'S Back to the Land: A Guide to Modern Outdoor Life
Format: Hardcover

FARM + LAND'S Back to the Land: A Modern Guide to Outdoor Life is a collection of stories about slow living, sustainability, and the value of doing things with your own two hands.

This gorgeous book features remarkable narratives, essential how-tos, and hundreds of breathtaking photographs from people who have embraced lives of adventure in wild places.

With gorgeous photography, engaging stories, practical tips, and useful illustrations, this book offers an escape into a world of simple pleasures, contentment, and a rural way of life.

  • Focuses on the back-to-the-land movement
  • A visually driven celebration of cozy homes and wild landscapes
  • Embraces life's simple and enduring pleasures

FARM + LAND'S Back to the Land: A Modern Guide to Outdoor Life features places like a spectacular treehouse suspended above a lush forest, a cozy cabin perched on a mountainside, and a small farm growing heirloom vegetables in the high desert.

This book is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who has ever dreamed of escaping to a simpler way of life.

  • Delivered in a highly giftable and handsome volume that inspires feelings of wanderlust.
  • The perfect gift for Father's Day and the holidays, as well as for outdoors enthusiasts, travel lovers, camping fans, and readers of Dwell, Modern Farmer, and Kinfolk.
  • Includes information on homesteading and outdoor skills such as how to build a desert vegetable garden; how to cut, split, and stack firewood; how to build a wood-fired hot tub; how to raise chickens and honeybees; how to make essential oils; and more!

Additional Information
272 pages | 7.65" x 9.60" | 350 full-colour photographs