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Anne Broyles

Anne Broyles is the author of many books, including Shy Mama's Halloween, a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People. She lives in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Anne Broyles has Cherokee heritage, tracing her ancestors back to Elizabeth Coody, a full-blood Cherokee of the Long Hair Clan born around 1700. Anne says the following of her Cherokee heritage:

"When I was in first grade, my teacher told us about the Pilgrims coming to America. I raised my hand and quoted Cherokee humorist Will Rogers, who said: “My ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower, but they were there to meet the boat.” The teacher marched to my desk, grabbed my arm and told me, “That is nothing to be proud of. Don’t mention it again!”

I was confused. My mother had taught me respect and appreciation for my Cherokee heritage. I had a “Certificate of Indian Blood” card and could trace my Cherokee ancestors back to Elizabeth Coody, a full blood Cherokee of the Long Hair Clan born around 1700. Although I wasn’t raised within the Cherokee community, I was fascinated with that side of my history. Today I am a registered member of the Western Cherokee Band, read The Cherokee Phoenix newspaper, and vote in tribal elections."