Anna Ziegler

Walking with Aalasi: An Introduction to Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants
Format: Paperback
"How can we know who we are", Aalasi Joamie asks, "if we don't know about where we live?" Having learned from her mother, Aalasi observed and harvested plants as a little girl in Pangnirtung in the 1940s and later as a mother in Niaqunngut (Apex) from the 1960s to today. In this introductory guide to traditional plant use, Aalasi shares her life learning and memories of eighteen plants commonly found around Pangnirtung, Niaqunnguuq, and across Nunavut.

A Walk on the Tundra
Content Territory: Inuit
Format: Paperback
A Walk on the Tundra follows Inuujaq, a little girl who travels with her grandmother onto the tundra. There, Inuujaq learns that these tough little plants are much more important to Inuit than she originally believed.

In addition to an informative storyline that teaches the importance of Arctic plants, this book includes a field guide with photographs and scientific information about a wide array of plants found throughout the Arctic.


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