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Tracie Lea Scott

Tracie Lea Scott grew up in Hythe, a small town in Northern Alberta. After graduating high school she completed her Bachelor’s degree in English and History at the University of Alberta. Tracie completed her LLB in 2002, and continued on to the LLM program where, under the supervision of Bruce Ziff, she wrote a dissertation entitled “The Indian, the Law and the Land: An Analysis of the Chippewas of Sarnia Case Using P. W. Kahn’s Cultural Approach to the Rule of Law,” examining the legal anxiety around Aboriginal land claims in the Chippewas of Sarnia case. After receiving her LLM, she accepted a research scholarship to do her PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London. After completing her PhD, she returned to Edmonton to article with the Department of Justice, Canada. The author is now continuing her research into cross-cultural legal studies in the United Arab Emirates.

Postcolonial Sovereignty? The Nisga'a Final Agreement
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Nisga'a;

The 1999 Nisga'a agreement covering part of NW British Columbia was truly the first postcolonial land claims settlement in Canada, the author argues. The book analyzes the impact the agreement has on federal/provincial/First Nations relations and in a concise manner examines the major terms of the agreement. She notes that the agreement marks a major departure from previous agreements with First Nations and outlines the opposition, including two court challenges, mounted against the agreement.

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