Taiaiake Alfred

Taiaiake is from Kahnawá:ke in the Mohawk Nation. He is a professor of Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria. He’s the recipient of a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Studies, the award for best column writing by the Native American Journalists Association, and a National Aboriginal Achievement Award in the field of Education.

Taiaiake has also worked as a land and governance researcher and advisor on cultural restoration projects to his own and many other First Nations governments and community organizations since 1987, and served as an infantryman in the US Marine Corps.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in history from Concordia University and his MA and Ph.D. in comparative politics and political theory from Cornell University. He is also an author, having written Heeding the Voices of Our Ancestors, Peace, Power, Righteousness and Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom. He lives in Saanich, BC with his wife and three sons, who are all members of the Laksilyu Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation.
Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;
Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto | 2nd Edition

This visionary manifesto, first published in 1999, has significantly improved our understanding of First Nations' issues. Taiaiake Alfred calls for the indigenous peoples of North America to move beyond their 500-year history of pain, loss, and colonization, and move forward to the reality of
self-determination. A leading Kanien'kehaka scholar and activist with intimate knowledge of both Native and Western traditions of thought, Alfred is uniquely placed to write this inspiring book. His account of the history and future of the indigenous peoples of North America is at once a bold and
forceful critique of Indigenous leaders and politics, and a sensitive reflection on the traumas of colonization that shape our existence.

This new edition of Alfred's important manifesto is thoroughly updated in the context of current issues related to government policy and First Nations politics today. In addition to new examples of indigenous-state relations, it includes the latest court cases and updated evaluations of key
negotiations over land and self-government. A new preface incorporates an original, previously unpublished dialogue with the influential Dakota author, historian, and activist Vine Deloria Jr, recorded shortly before his death in 2005.

Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Kahnawá:ke;
The word Wasáse is the Kanienkeha (Mohawk) word for the ancient war dance ceremony of unity, strength, and commitment to action. The author notes, "This book traces the journey of those Indigenous people who have found a way to transcend the colonial identities which are the legacy of our history and live as Onkwehonwe, original people. It is dialogue and reflection on the process of transcending colonialism in a personal and collective sense: making meaningful change in our lives and transforming society by recreating our personalities, regenerating our cultures, and surging against forces that keep us bound to our colonial past."


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