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Barbara Allisen

Barbara Allisen is a kindergarten teacher, author, parent, and radio show host with over 30 years experience, primarily in kindergarten and preschool. She graduated with a B.A., B.Ed., D.P. E. and a special diploma in Early Childhood Services.

1 2 3 Kindergarten
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: University/College;

1 2 3 Kindergarten is a down-to-earth, practical guide to help parents, caregivers and educators ensure children's readiness for kindergarten. Written by a kindergarten teacher and parent, this award-winning book, has tips, explanations, short-cuts and fun. It includes ideas that use resources already available at home or in child care centers and strategies to incorporate learning time into busy, active days. An easy-to-use developmental checklist and rating scale, guidance for the this-year-or-next-year debate, and suggestions for home-school transition make this a birth-to-kindergarten resource.