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Linda Hewins

Linda Hewins has more than forty years of experience as a teacher, curriculum leader, and administrator. Linda's books, workshops, and seminars for teachers and parents stress the importance of balanced literacy programs that include good literature, direct teacher instruction, and student choice. A strong advocate for the development of programs that encourage children to become engaged in their own learning, she is a strong proponent of multi-age groupings. Linda lives with her husband in a small Ontario town.


Journey to Literacy: No Worksheets Required
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: University/College;

Journey to Literacy: No Worksheets Required

The play-based learning and individualized strategies in this practical book build on the wide range of literacy skills present in the kindergarten classroom. This valuable resource explores simple ways to use traditional learning centres to provide children with real and authentic reasons to listen, speak, read, write, and view. Teachers will find a wealth of resources for creating meaningful learning experiences, including:

answers to often-asked questions
milestones to inform teaching instruction
activities and games for both individuals and groups
literacy extensions that involve children with quality literature, authentic artifacts, and recordings

This highly readable book will support teachers as they move beyond worksheets and nurture students on their journey to lifelong literacy.

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