Molly Aloian

Molly Aloian is a published author of children's books and young adult books who specializes in topics within the social studies, science, geography, and history curriculums.
The Arctic Habitat
Format: Paperback
An Arctic Habitat provides children with an introduction to this cold, vast region. Easy-to-read text and colorful photographs help children learn about this unique habitat and how the plants and animals have adapted to the harsh environment. Young readers will learn about
• the characteristics of both land and water habitats in the Arctic
• the plants and animals that live in the Arctic
• how animals find food and shelter in the Arctic

Physical Dimensions: 8.50" x 9.50"

The Life Cycle of a Flower
Format: Paperback
The Life Cycle of a Flower looks at the growth of a flower from seed to the time it is a mature plant capable of producing new seeds. Delightful illustrations, stunning photographs and easy-to-read text help young readers learn:
• how seeds are formed and what different types of seeds look like
• the various ways flowers are pollinated
• the conditions necessary for a seed to germinate and begin to make a new plant
• how flowering plants benefit animals, people, and the environment

Water Habitats
Format: Paperback
Water Habitats features breathtaking photographs, detailed illustrations, and text that is easy to read, yet comprehensive. Young readers will enjoy learning about the different types of water habitats, including oceans, lakes, rivers, and swamps. This book also discusses
• the differences between saltwater habitats and freshwater habitats
• plant and animal life in each water habitat
• how animals find food and protect themselves


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