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Pamela Rae Huteson

Pamela Rae Huteson is an Alaska Native author and illustrator, from Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. She is both Tlingit and Haida, of the Shungkweidi Eagle moiety, from the Wolf House.

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Transformation Masks
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous American; Indigenous Canadian;

Native peoples' connection with the drum, dances and masks is deeply rooted. From ancient times, in their Big Houses, Northwest Coast Native cultures have conducted ceremonies that included masks. This colouring book helps children understand these ancient traditions and honours the lives and dances of the indigenous people of the Northwest Coast.

Pamela Rae Huteson grew up surrounded by totem poles and longhouses, and listening to her elders recount Tlingit and Haida legends. Her fascination with Native history and traditions of Northwest Coast tribes led to her development as a writer of both poetry and prose, and participation in three Native dance groups: the Klawock Heenya Dancers, the Shinna-ku Dancers, and guest appearances with the Gaanax.adi clan during celebrations in Klawock, Alaska. Pamela is the author of Legends in Wood: Stories of the Totems (2002) and 8 entries in the Encyclopedia of Anthropology (2005).


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