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Daniel Auger

Daniel Auger is the author of Grandmother's Stories and Watishka Warriors.

Grandmother's Stories How the Earth and Sky Began
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;

Daniel Auger's grandmother was the greatest storyteller he ever knew. In her soft voice, she spoke of heroes and giants, of evil deeds and mysterious spirits. Born on a Canadian reserve and educated at an Indian residential school, she was intensely curious about the old ways. In her quest to find out who we are and where we came from, she collected stories from her home community and from her journeys to powwows, sweats, potlatches and family events across Canada and the Northwest US. This collection of 38 Native myths is a timeless window onto a world when the People were first created:

* Mi'kmaq--The Sun created the Earth and the people on it, but when they began to kill one another, the Sun wept until the entire world drowned. Only one woman and an old man survived, who repopulated the Earth.

* Blackfoot--Water once covered the world, and the Creator sent Muskrat to the bottom of the Ocean to see what was there. Muskrat returned with a ball of mud, which the Creator transformed in the Earth and all living things on it.

* Huron-- In a world that existed before our own, people lived in great longhouses in the sky around a beautiful celestial tree. One day a man uprooted the tree, and when his wife looked into the hole she fell down below to the world we know today.

* Algonquin--In the very beginning of time there were two brothers, Gluskap and Malsum. Gluskap created humans, and the plants and animals they needed to survive. Jealous of his brother, Malsum tried to kill Gluskap, but Gluskap used his own magic to be reborn. He then struck down his evil brother into the earth, and Malsum was reborn as a wolf.

* Haida--The trickster Raven opened a giant clamshell he found washed upon the beach, and when he opened it, out popped tiny human beings.

* Siksika--Old Man came from the south and made the world as he walked along. One day he made a man and a woman out of clay, and Old Man taught them how to survive in the world he created.

Please Note: These are a set of uncensored, traditional stories.  The content is meant to provide traditional teachings. Some subject matter may not be suitable for some readers.

224 pages, suitable for adult readers only

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text

In Re-Print
Watishka Warriors
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; M├ętis;

After living in the city for years, Sandy Lafond returns to her childhood home at the Watishka First Nation reserve to care for her ailing Aunt Emma. Little has changed since she left, a young teen has just committed suicide, a local gang menaces the area, the community is splintered and dysfunctional, and the Metis youth are left restless and frustrated.

Sandy realizes that she needs to do something to unite everyone once more, so she proposes to start a junior hockey team. At first she is met with great resistance first from the band council and then from the team itself, who can barely stop fighting long enough to play hockey.
Drawing on her own past, Sandy steps in as coach and tries to reign in the star player, hot-headed Jeffrey Lambert, a 14-year-old hockey prodigy who just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Sandy struggles to keep the team and the community together despite crippling odds and the ever-present gang lurking in the background.

And Jeffrey faces a decision that could affect the fate of the team, and his own life.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text