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Tom McLeod

Tom McLeod is an eleven-year-old boy from Aklavik who is a gifted storyteller heard frequently on CBC Radio North. He is of mixed cultural heritage-Gwich'in and Inuvialuit. 

Le Delta, c'est mon chez moi
Format: Hardcover

Tom McLeod est un gar garçon de onze ans d'Aklavik qui raconte souvent ses histoires à la radio de CBC North. Il est de culture métissée, gwich'in et inuvialuite. Dans « Le Delta, C’est mon chez moi », Tom nous raconte les inondations dans le delta du Mackenzie au printemps, comment faire de la banique, poser des pièges à rat musquè et chasser les canards noirs. Venez rencontrer Tom dans le plus grand delta fluvial du Canada et faites la connaissance d'Aklavik et de ses habitants qui proclament « Ne jamais abandonner »

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text

The Delta Is My Home
Format: Hardcover
Grade Levels: 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7;

Tom McLeod is an eleven-year-old boy from Aklavik who is a gifted storyteller heard frequently on CBC Radio North. He is of mixed cultural heritage-Gwich'in and Inuvialuit.

Tom tells us why his home in the Mackenzie Delta is a special place and why he loves to live on the land. He describes how his town floods in the spring and why he loves "ratting" (trapping muskrats) and hunting "black ducks" (white-winged and surf scoters) in the Delta. Readers will learn why these ducks are decreasing in number and how and why they are important to Tom and his people.

Tom says, "Northerners have always hunted animals for survival. We are careful about how we use the land. To be good hunters we need to pay attention to what is happening on the land around us-that's why it's important for us to be out there. We are the first to know if the land and animals are changing."

"The Delta is My Home, is presented in way children will take pleasure in reading. They will be enthralled with the photographs and in the end they will learn a great deal about the culture, family and life of Tom McLeod and the Gwich'in people." — ForeWord Magazine

"...a valuable introduction to an endangered culture." — Booklist

"Tom's bouncingly fun personality beams from every page. . . This is an exciting series for helping children, especially those outside the Northwest Territories, appreciate the day-to-day world of their peers." — Canadian Children's Book News

"[The Delta Is My Home] feature[s] a satisfying mix of old and new - traditional and contemporary - in the photographs and text. . . What both photos and text do very well is establish the strong connection between the people in the books and the land upon which they live. . . A book that children [will] choose to read both for pleasure and for information. — CM Magazine

Educator Information
This book is part of the "The Land Is Our Storybook" series, which considers the diverse lands and cultures of Canada's Northwest Territories. Told in a uniquely diverse range of northern voices, with a child-centred approach, books in the series highlight each official Aboriginal language group in the NWT, revealing a richly textured picture of life in the North-on the trapline, around the campfire, in communities, at school, and within the outdoor school that is the land itself. The series celebrates the seasons, ages, genders, traditional activities, and communities of the NWT.

The stories are illustrated by the striking images of acclaimed northern photographer, Tessa Macintosh and depict the similarities in lifestyle between children of the North and South, as well as the marked cultural differences, and highlight the special relationship these First Nations people have with the land and how they are adapting to rapid change while remaining connected to the land. Images of the landscape and animals within it, of trapping, hunting, fishing, and bannock baking sit alongside pictures of children at school, swimming at recreation centres, and reading in libraries. Here is modern northern culture painted beautifully: a complex mix of the new and the old.

These wonderful books, written with a variety of provincial and territorial curricula in mind, are specially designed for the classroom and include special features such as glossaries relating details on animals biology and cultural definitions, regional and language maps. The text of the stories also have sidebars such as Our Stories, which contain the stories of the people and language group featured, and Our Words, which highlight words in the featured language that are important to the story.

Recommended Grade Level: 2-7

Additional Information
32 pages | 8.00" x 8.00" | colour photographs, illustrations, map

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text