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Carolyn Kenny

Carolyn Kenny is a professor of human development and Indigenous studies at Antioch University.

Living Indigenous Leadership
Format: Paperback

Indigenous scholars strive to produce accessible research groundedin the daily lives of Native peoples, research that will improve theircommunities in meaningful and sustained ways. They also recognize thatlong-lasting change depends on effective leadership.

Living Indigenous Leadership showcases innovative researchand leadership practices from diverse nations and tribes in Canada, theUnited States, and New Zealand. The contributors use vibrant storiesand personal narratives to offer insights into the unique nature ofIndigenous leadership. These dynamic case studies reveal that Nativeleaders, whether formal or informal, ground their work in embodiedconcepts such as land, story, ancestors, and elders, concepts rarelymentioned in mainstream studies of leadership. Indigenous leadership,they show, finds its most powerful expression in collaboration, in theteaching and example of Elders, and in community projects to promotehigher education, language revitalization, health care, and thepreservation of Indigenous arts.

This collection not only adds Indigenous methods to studies onleadership, it also gives a voice to the wives, mothers, andgrandmothers who are using their knowledge to mend hearts and minds andto build strong communities. Their personal stories and collectiveknowledge will inspire further research and future generations.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text