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Strong Nations Newest Release Hideaway Cove!

We are extremely excited to announce that our newest book Hideaway Cove has arrived and available for order!

Come and spend a mid-August day in Hideaway Cove, Brenda Boreham‘s fictional cove on the Pacific North West Coast. From the orca whale to the tiniest barnacle, you will enjoy a colourful glimpse into the lives of many creatures that live in, and around, Hideaway Cove. Included is a guide to the plants and animals of the story where you can learn more about them, a tide pool chart and some guidelines on how to visit our beaches respectfully.

While creating the book we worked with both Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Vancouver Island’s own “The Marine Detective”, Jackie Hildering. With their help, we could ensure that everything from the beautiful illustrations, by artist Laura Timmermans, to the non-fiction information would be just as if you had waded into the water yourself!

Order Hideaway Cove in Hard Cover:
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We have also created bulletin board trimmers and a matching card game to go along with the book! With Laura Timmerman’s beautiful illustrations you can watch some orca whales swim along or discover the tide pools as these trimmers outline anything your wall! All of our trimmers are sold in packages of 15 pieces spanning nearly 44 feet in total.

The Marine Matching Card Game features 12 photographs of the plants and animals from the story (25 cards in all)

Order Marine Matching Card Game:
Order Orca Bulletin Board Trimmers:
Order Tide Pool Bulletin Board Trimmers:

We would like to thank Jackie Hildering for her expertise and photos. Please visit her website ( where she has many amazing photographs and a wonderful blog showcasing many of the wonderful marine life around Vancouver Island. Jackie has created a calendar with images she has taken from around NE Vancouver Island.

The 2017 WILD Calendar is available on the Marine Detective website here: