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William Singer

Api’soomaahka (Running Coyote) William Singer III is a full-blooded member of the Blood Tribe/Kainai of the Blackfoot Confederacy. William is named after his great uncle Running Coyote, who was a Blackfoot warrior, and carries on his legacy by living in two worlds and maintaining the Blackfoot worldview by understanding the past to survive in the present. William’s main profession is as a professional artist/illustrator and has 35 years of experience. His work is deeply rooted in the Blackfoot culture and worldview and uses his painting to teach others. Along with his art, William divides his time as an entrepreneur and an environmental and political activist, utilizing Blackfoot traditional knowledge and protocol. Other areas of interest include Blackfoot history, watershed health, researching, communications and management/marketing consultation. He has been involved in many spiritual and cultural events and activities and has always been an advocate for First Nations rights and knowledge.

Akaitsinikssiistsi: Blackfoot Stories of Old
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: University/College;

This collection of eight stories represents an introduction to Niits'powahsini, the Blackfoot language, and includes a pronunciation guide and Blackfoot-to-English glossary.

In these stories Ikkinainihki, "Gentle Singer," recalls events from childhood and tells of her Elders, the cold weather of the Plains, a crying spirit, rattlesnakes, and more. This collection opens with a prayer and a small essay on the importance of preserving Niitsi'powahsini.

Blackfoot Stories of Old will be of great value to native speakers, new learners, linguists, and those looking for insights into the Blackfoot people, who live in present-day Alberta and Montana.

Educator Information
The third volume in the First Nations Language Readers series--meant for language learners and language users--this collection presents eight Blackfoot stories told by Lena Russell, a fluent speaker of Blackfoot from the Kainai (Blood) reserve in southern Alberta.

In contract with other Algonquian languages, such as Cree and Saulteaux (Ojibwe), Blackfoot is not usually written in syllabics, so these stories are presented in the Blackfoot language using the Roman alphabet, together with the English translation. The spelling system is based on the conventions of the International Phonetic Alphabet, and should be transparent for native speakers of Blackfoot as well as for linguists. The Reader includes a Blackfoot-to-English glossary containing all the nouns, verbs, adjuncts, etc., found in the texts, as well as stress or pitch accents over the vowel or vowels which bear the accent.

Series Information
Akaitsinikssiistsi: Blackfoot Stories of Old is part of the First Nations Language Readers series. With a mix of traditional and new stories, each First Nations Language Reader introduces an Indigenous language and demonstrates how each language is used today. The University of Regina Press’s long-term goal is to publish all 60+ Indigenous languages of Canada.

Additional Information
96 pages | 5.50" x 8.50"

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