Betty Waterton

A seventh-generation Canadian, Betty Waterton was born in Oshawa in 1923. She grew up in Winnipeg and came to B.C. in the 1930s because her father worked for the Star Weekly. Now living in Sidney, she became a prolific children's author after raising her family. Her highly regarded first book A Salmon for Simon was illustrated by Ann Blades, followed by titles including Pettranella, Mustard and her Quincy Rumpel series.
A Salmon for Simon
Author: Betty Waterton
Format: Paperback
  • B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.1-Life Science

    Winner of the Governor General's award and the Canadian Library Association's Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon
    Illustrator's award when it was first published in 1979. This simple story of a boy and a fish delivers a subtle environmental message that will resonate with readers. Simon, a native boy, has been trying all summer to catch a salmon. He's
    about to give up when a bald eagle suddenly drops a big coho into a clam hole right before his eyes. But when Simon discovers that the salmon is alive, he no longer wants to keep it. It's too strong and beautiful. He'd rather set it free, which means he has to figure out how to get the heavy fish back to the ocean.


Un saumon pour Simon
Author: Betty Waterton
Format: Paperback
  • Translated in 2014

    Simon has always longed to catch a salmon. But when his luck suddenly changes and an eagle accidentally drops one into a tidal pool, Simon is torn between sympathy for the fish and the desire to catch something of his own.

    All summer long, Simon, a young First Nations boy, has been desperate to catch a salmon. He goes fishing every day, but has no luck. Then one day a high-flying eagle drops a salmon into a clam hole right before his eyes, and Simon must decide whether to take it home or let it go.

    This simple story, with its evocative watercolor paintings of the Northwest Coast, was an environmental fable before its time when it was first published in 1978. But its true power rests in the magical combination of text and pictures, which have made it a best-selling classic.


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