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Edwin St. Pierre

Edwin St. Pierre is a Metis author.

Remembering My Métis Past: Reminisces of Edwin St. Pierre
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; Métis;
Grade Levels: 11; 12; University/College;

In this memoir, Ed St. Pierre brings the reader back in time, showcasing how life was lived by the Métis in the road allowance community of Crescent Lake in the 1940s. He shares his stories of his early life, including hunting with his father, searching for mudhen eggs, and the games that he played as a youngster. He also describes how the Métis lived with stories about grease lamps, rubaboo, chokecherries, and much more.

This book includes select Michif translations by Harriet Oaks St. Pierre.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text