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Helen Stewart

Helen Stewart is an artist, writer, teacher, and storyteller. She was raised in Berkeley, California, where she studied and worked at the university. She continued her art studies in San Francisco and New York.

Helen was fortunate to begin studying art at an early age. Then she married and moved moved to a northern British Columbia sheep farm in 1965 (This is the subject matter for her latest illustrated adult storybook.) Helen is the mother of five children. In 1980 she moved with her family to a large and beautiful home in Victoria. Here she set up her studio and began to create the large garden which is the inspiration for much of her artwork.

Helen is a dedicated printmaker, whose work is exhibited in numerous galleries and private collections.

Creation through Colour
Helen Stewart
Sarah Stewart
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7;

Creation through Colour is a unique and imaginative colouring book that encourages not only colouring, but also drawing, creativity and connecting with nature's beauty. Working with this book will reveal the knowledge that is within one's hands. This learning and growing will deepen understanding of nature's garden of beauty and textures. The book is suitable for all ages except the very young.

Additional Information
64 pages | 8.00" x 12.00" | Suggested Ages: 7-12

Authentic Canadian Content

Tree Song
Helen Stewart
Format: Hardcover
Text Content Territories: Indigenous;
Grade Levels: Preschool; Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3;

This story tells of silent, unchanging forests and of the life history of one Sitka spruce tree, home to numerous insects and birds. It speaks of First Nations People who honored the land and could hear the singing of the trees. It follows the arrival of the European settlers in North America who broke the ancient pattern of forest life by felling great swaths of trees. Our Sitka spruce, however, continues to grow. But after hundreds of years, it too falls because of violent storms and changing climate. Miraculously, the song of this tree is not lost. An instrument maker uses a piece of its wood in crafting a fine cello. The song of this beautiful instrument in turn becomes a gift to the forest.

Authentic Canadian Content


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