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CD: 40 Million Salmon Can't be Wrong

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong weaves together songs, stories, art images and science in an electrifying stage show that helps people understand how we can bring back our wild salmon to historical levels of abundance. Acclaimed singer/songwriters Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright, are joined onstage by the Wilds band (Shawn Soucy-drums, Brian Newcombe-bass, Bill Sample-keyboards, Andreas Schuld-guitar), renowned storyteller and artist Roy Henry Vickers and ocean ecologist Russ George.

The collapse of wild salmon runs is closely tied to the collapse of ocean plankton pastures. This was profoundly demonstrated by the eruption of Kastochi volcano in 2008, its dusting of the ocean pastures with mineral-rich volcanic ash, and the return of 40 million sockeye to the Fraser River in 2010.

Authenticity Note: Some, but limited, Indigenous contribution, such as from artist Roy Henry Vickers.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

CD: Heartflight - Visions of Ten Moons (Spirits Are Born)

Outstanding, best seller, original contemporary Native American flute music. Seductive guitar, synthesizer, and ambient sounds which invites you on a dynamic and exhilarating musical journey. Experience the power, drama and magic of this spirited Journey.


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CD: Inuit Songs & Stories, Learn How to Throat Sing

What an amazing NEW resource this is!

Learn how to throat sing with this amazing tutorial. Six sample tracks are provided to practice along with.

Then, sit back and enjoy an oral retelling of the Kaugjagjuk story told by one of Canada's most renowned Inuit storytellers, Michael Kusugak.

Tracks include:
Introduction to Throat Singing
Tutorial (learn How to Throat Sing)
The Saw
The Mosquito With Jaw Harp
Polar Bear and the Wolf
Qimmiruluapik, Poor Little Puppy
Love Song
Kaugjagjuk Story - English version
Kaugjagjuk Story - Inuktitut version

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

CD: La Mer Des Salish

Les chansons de la mer Salish CD ont été traduits en français par Marie Payette chutes et enregistrées par 400 étudiants à l'Ecole Pauline Johnson à West Vancouver . Le CD a été lancé lors d'un concert triomphal avec Holly et la bande de rêve au Théâtre Centennial de North Vancouver. Tout le monde chantait "Continuer de chanter la mer des Salish !" Un soutien supplémentaire est venue de Canadian Parents for français.

The songs from the Salish Sea CD were translated into French by Marie Payette Falls and recorded by 400 students at Ecole Pauline Johnson in West Vancouver. The CD was launched at a triumphant concert with Holly and the Dream Band at the North Vancouver Centennial Theatre. Everyone was singing: “Continue de chanter la mer des Salish!” Additional support came from Canadian Parents for French.

Authentic Canadian Content

In Re-Print
CD: Le Cycle De La Vie

Les chansons du cycle de la vie/Recyclage CD ont été traduits en français par Sylvain Archambault, et réalisée par des étudiants de l'Ecole Porter Street à Vancouver, Ecole Aylmer/St Marks à Gatineau, au Québec, et de l'Ecole St Luc à Calgary.

Le musicien canadien et auteur-compositeur, Holly Arntzen, découvert à un âge précoce une passion pour la musique et du spectacle. Après des études de cor français classique en Tchécoslovaquie, elle tourna son attention à l'utilisation de ses talents vocaux incroyables au service de la sensibilisation du public à propos de l'environnement et de la nécessité pour nous tous de la protéger.

The songs from the Cycle of Life/Recycle CD have been translated into French by Sylvain Archambault, and performed by students from Ecole Porter Street in Vancouver, Ecole Aylmer/St Marks in Gatineau, Quebec, and Ecole St Luke in Calgary.

Canadian musician and songwriter, Holly Arntzen, discovered at an early age a passion for music and performing. After studying classical French horn in Czechoslovakia she turned her attention to using her incredible vocal talents in the service of raising public awareness about the environment and the need for all of us to protect it.

Authentic Canadian Content

CD: The Cycle of Life

Orcas, bears, salmon, snakes, bison, frogs, songbirds, turtles, cedar trees and many other organisms at risk inhabit these songs, which are performed by Holly and the Dream Band, along with 2800 students from nine schools in Victoria and Vancouver. Orca Baby was written in response to the question: How do you explain extinction to a baby?

Endangered Species points out that humans like to live in the same places as wildlife…which is why so many of them are at risk. Salmon Circle celebrates the ancient cycle of life that has sustained ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest for millennia. Landfill Blues is a raunchy anthem to recycling, reducing, refusing…and to the worms and wasps that do the dirty work of biological decomposition. Recycling a beverage container is an action within the power of a child that helps endangered species.

Authentic Canadian Content

CD: Winds of Change

The Sky Singers join Holly Arntzen to sing about climate change. 1,600 students from Dunsmuir Middle School, and Glen Lake, Uplands, Macaulay and Keating elementary schools join Arntzen and the Dream Band (musicians Sinclair, Boyle, and Roessingh) in delivering messages about global warming, with songs such as "Arctic Dragonfly," "Roses in the Winter," and "Winds of Change." Environment Canada provided support.

Authentic Canadian Content

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