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Oral Language Support

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Strong Learners Story Cards
Size: 12 cm H X 9 cm W

At Strong Nations we strive to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all learners with our products. Our Strong Learners brand is intended to work independently or can be used alongside our Strong Readers books.

Storytelling is something we can all participate in. Creating a group story using our Story Cards will support learners in their development of:

• communication skills
• creativity
• empathy
• listening skills
• oral language development
• retelling of events
• social interaction
• story sequencing
• story structure
• turn taking

A Story Card set includes game play instructions, twenty-four laminated cards that consist of 4 Beginning, 4 Middle, 4 End, 12 Wild Cards and a blackline master to map the story. After the story is created students can then write the story out using their one word prompts they have created from the blackline master. As well, they could take their words home and retell the story to their friends and family.

All images are from our Strong Readers series.

Ages 5+

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Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Talking Circle Feather

Deerskin wrapped Turkey feather.

We hope that you find this feather to be a great starting point in your integration of a talking circle into your classroom. Our hope is that one day you find, or are gifted, a sacred eagle feather along your journey.

Authentic Canadian Content

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