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The Parenting Path 3 DVD Set
  • Includes all 3 Parenting Path DVD's:
    The Parenting Path
    Our Stories: By First Nations Teen Parents
    The Parenting Path: Parenting Your Young Teen

    "The Parenting Path” DVD looks at Nuu-Chal-Nulth First Nations traditional culture as it relates to parenting and how the traditional ways are in harmony with modern research on parenting practices and optimal child development. It explores these themes from the perspective of today’s families and how they are engaged in using the traditional beliefs, values and practices in raising their children. The DVD can be used as a discussion starter for drop-in parent group programs and as a complement to many evidence-based structured programs. “The Parenting Path” can also be used within the education system including at the post-secondary level. The DVD runs 45 minutes and has easy scene selection access.

    When Nickie Watts was 15 years old and pregnant, she really wanted to hear first hand from other First Nation teen parents what the journey into teenage parenthood had been like for them. The media –movies, TV and Internet all seemed to glamorize teen pregnancy and didn’t reflect her reality. There certainly were no resources that she knew of that portrayed the lives of First Nations teens who also happened to be parents. A few years into parenting, Nicki approached co-producer Kerry Roberson (The Parenting Path) and shared her vision and the need for this resource for pregnant First Nation teens. The result is this film telling Nickie’s story and the story of other FN teen Moms and Dads. Engaging, heart warming, sometimes heart-breaking, and always hopeful–the film is both a documentary and educational resource, powerfully telling the stories through the teens’ own voices. This DVD runs one hour in length and has easy scene selection access.

    "The Parenting Path: Parenting Your Young Teen" is a unique and encouraging resource for parents who will soon be raising teens or who are now raising young teens. The film presents modern families -parents, grandparents and teens. The film presents modern families ways of the Nuu Chah Nulth First Nations and how those traditions are shaping their parenting today. The film is true to life - it presents the real challenges of parenting in today's world, but it is also filled with hope, humour and the joy of raising young people.

    The parenting traditions and wisdom of the Nuu Chah Nulth peoples have been practised and passed down from time immemorial, from ?iikmuut. These practices nurtured respectful, capable, responsible and compassionate young people. Current research is also presented in the film that affirms that these traditional practices remain optimal for the healthy development of young people today.

    "The Parenting Path: Parenting Your Young Teen" is most applicable for parents of children aged 11 to 15 years. It can be used as a discussion starter for drop-in parent groups, as a complement for many structured evidence-based programs and for introducing Nuu CChah Nulth culture within school and community groups. The DVD runs 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The Story of the Rabbit Dance DVD
  • In this charming story for young children, Métis trapper Jacques witnesses the creation of the “Rabbit Dance.ˮ Written by Jeanne Pelletier, illustrated by J.D. Panas, and translated in Michif-Cree by Rita Flamand.

    The DVD includes the motion book with an English and Michif narrations read by Jeanne Pelletier. The DVD also includes the option to go through each illustration at your own pace.

    PDFs of the story in English and in Michif, with thumbnails of the illustrations to easily follow along with the DVD, are available on The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture: http://www.metismuseum.ca/browse/index.php/13109. Lesson plans are included in the resource, Bringing Métis Children’s Literature to Life: Teacher Guidebook for GDI Publications available for free download at http://www.metismuseum.ca/resource.php/138.


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War Dance
  • The film centers on three children - Nancy, a 13-year-old choir singer; Rose, a 14-year-old dancer; and Dominic, a 14-year-old xylophone player. They are members of the Acholi ethnic group, living in the remote northern Uganda refugee camp of Patongo, which is under military protection from the Lord's Resistance Army, a terrorist group that has been rebelling against the government for the past two decades. In 2005, the camp's primary school won its regional music competition and headed to Kampala to participate in the annual National Music Competition. War/Dance focuses on three of the eight categories: Western choral performance, instrumental music, and traditional dance, where the students perform the Bwola, the dance of the Acholi. Over the course of three months, the film's creative team observes the three youngsters as they prepare for the event and gain their confidence enough to have them discuss the horrors they have experienced and express their individual fears, hopes, and dreams.


Lost Nation: The Ioway
  • In the twilight of a Native American empire, two Ioway brothers travel to Washington, D. C. in 1824 to meet with Superintendent of Indian Affairs, William Clark. Both sign a treaty ceding a large portion of tribal land for settlement. White Cloud sees cooperation as the only way for his people to survive, while Great Walker regrets the loss of land where his ancestors are buried. More territory is lost, and the Ioway people are divided, with some regarding one brother as a traitor, and the other as a patriot. After the tribe is removed, the 36 million acres they once called home is named "Iowa". Then, they are forgotten. "Lost Nation: The Ioway" tells the dramatic true tale of two brothers' struggle to save their people from inevitable American conquest, and the Ioway's current fight to reclaim and maintain their unique history and culture.


The Gift of the Elders DVD
  • This DVD provides information to Elders and the Community on what to expect when becoming involved in Aboriginal Head Start. What does Volunteering in AHS look like? What are the benefits for Elders themselves? Learn from the Elders who know.


Elijah DVD
  • Told with a surprising combination of heart and humour, Elijah balances drama and comedy to create an entertaining portrait of Elijah Harper, one of the first Aboriginal politicians in Canada. Billy Merasty commands the screen with his light, but heartfelt portrayal of Harper, with help from the all-star supporting cast that includes Gary Farmer, Lorne Cardinal, Maury Chaykin, Glen Gould and Gabrielle Miller. Unexpectedly funny, Elijah is a fresh take on one of the key figures in recent Canadian history.


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We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes DVD
  • They were charismatic and forward thinking, imaginative and courageous, compassionate and resolute, and, at times, arrogant, vengeful, and reckless. For hundreds of years, Native American leaders from Massasoit, Tecumseh, and Tenskwatawa, to Major Ridge, Geronimo, and Fools Crow, valiantly resisted expulsion from their lands and fought the extinction of their culture. Sometimes, their strategies were militaristic, but more often they were diplomatic, spiritual, legal, and political.

    From PBS s acclaimed history series, American Experience, in association with Native American Public Telecommunications, We Shall Remain establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. These five documentaries spanning three hundred years tell the story of pivotal moments in U.S. history from the Native American perspective, upending two-dimensional stereotypes of American Indians as simply ferocious warriors or peaceable lovers of the land.


All is Made Beautiful: Native American Traditions With Warrior Woman Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf DVD
  • Meet Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, the internationally renowned Warrior Woman and elder of the Apache People. Long before the Green movement, Native Americans knew how to care for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. In this entertaining and educational film, Oh Shinnah demonstrates powerful yet easy-to-follow practices such as smudging, feathering, and food blessing. These ancient rituals will help you to:

    - Reduce stress and anxiety in your life
    - Center yourself and connect to those around you
    - Take charge and protect this planet for many generations to come

    Oh Shinnah also reveals what she considers her most important work today: The Journey of the Waters, a sacred pilgrimage following the Apache trail of purification and transformation. Once a year, she and her most trusted student, Deep Arrow Woman, take an international group of non-native men and women on this journey through the mystical mountains and healing waters of New Mexico and Colorado. The participants utilize the healing power of nature to transform their lives. This truly is Ancient Wisdom for Modern People.

    The documentary also features Nuclear Scientist and Astrophysicist Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, who validates multiple Native traditions from the scientific point of view.


A Good Day to Die: Dennis Banks & The American Indian Movement DVD
  • A Good Day to Die chronicles a movement that started a revolution and inspired a nation. By recounting the life story of Dennis Banks (The Last of the Mohicand, War Party), the Native American who co-founded the American Indian Movement (AIM) in 1968 to advocate and protect the rights of American Indians, the film provides an in-depth look at the history and issues surrounding AIM's formation. From the forced assimilation of Native Americans within boarding schools, to discrimination by law enforcement authorities, to neglect by government officials responsible for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, AIM sought redress for the many grievances that its people harboured.

    Banks' personal struggle culminated in major armed confrontations at Custer, South Dakota and Wounded Knee climactic flash points which saw him standing steadfast as a leader for his cause. Bittersweet and compelling, A Good Day to Die charts the rise and fall of a movement that fought for the civil rights of American Indians.


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Trail of Tears: A Native American Documentary Collection DVD
  • Native Americans have experienced a history full of oppression and racism. Since the period when Native tribes were found on this continent at the time of its "discovery", the British and American governments disregarded Native Americans as the owners of the territory they occupied and used aggressive force to take their lands and destroy their people.

    This harrowing and compelling compilation of 4 award-winning documentary programs chronicles the struggles of the Native American culture from the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears to the current issues faced by America's aboriginal people.

    Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy - 120 min
    This two hour documentary explores one of the great historical tragedies of America's aboriginal people. In 1830, eager to gain access to lands inhabited by Native Americans, President Andrew Jackson enacted the Indian Removal Act which forced the Cherokee Nation to leave their homeland and relocate into unchartered territory. Many of these forced settlers suffered from exposure, disease and starvation and upon arriving in Indian Territory, they arrived with no past and no future.

    Black Indians: An American Story - 60 min
    This comprehensive look at the ancient health and healing methods of American aboriginals uncovers the invaluable contributions that Native Americans made to early frontier living, showing how many of the healing plants and herbs that early European settlers were taught by the aboriginal people are still important sources of today's modern methods of maintaining health.

    Native American Healing in the 21st Century - 60 min
    This award-winning feature examines a minority group that is discounted and often ignored by mainstream media. Sharing a common past, many African Americans and Native Americans have combined to create a unique culture that has meshed the traditions and fine heritage of both. Little known, little documented and often marginalized, this group has become all but invisible at the dawn of the new millennium.

    Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School - 60 min
    This compelling documentary feature gives the Native American perspective on Indian Boarding Schools and uncovers the dark history of U.S. Government policy which took Indian children from their homes, forced them into boarding schools and enacted a policy of educating them in the ways of Western Society. This award-winning film gives a voice to the countless Indian children forced through a system designed to strip them of their Native American culture, heritage and traditions.


Stryker DVD
  • The raw tale of the Indian Posse street gang’s pulse-pounding fight for dominance in the drug wars of Winnipeg’s North End.

    Killer cop smack-downs, hell-raising hoods, lascivious foster moms and trannies packin’ heat come together in this uproarious, unnervingly real landmark film where thug membership comes at mortal costs.


Native America: Tales of a Proud People DVD Set
  • This comprehensive box set includes three documentary series, each of which explores Native American history from a unique angle and perspective. Contents include: The Great Indian Wars, Trail of Tears: A Native American Documentary Collection, and Native America - Voices From the Land.

    The Great Indian Wars - 235 mins
    With Coronado's expedition to the Great Plains in 1540, a series of battles between European settlers, the military and civilian forces of the US and the Native American Indians began and ultimately tens of thousands of lives were lost on both sides. The Battle of Tippicanoe, of Little Big Horn were some of the most important conflicts that led up to the last massacre, the Battle of Wounded Knee, where America's landscape would be forever changed!

    Native America: Voices from the Land - 588 mins
    This compelling documentary collection examines Native North-American culture, past and present, and its attempts to halt assimilation and retain native cultural traditions. Through historical and contemporary photographs, paintings, artwork, and history of America's aboriginal people is showcased across 32 unique and important features.

    Trail of Tears - 263 mins
    This harrowing and compelling complication of 4 award-winning documentary programs chronicles the struggles of the Native American culture from the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears to the current issues faced by America's aboriginal people. The four documentaries include:
    - Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy
    - Black Indians: An American History
    - Native American Healing in the 21st Century
    - Our Spirit's Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School


Raven Tales Entire DVD Set
  • Save $26.00 when you purchase the entire bundle.

    All 26 Raven Tale DVDs.


8th Fire DVD Set
  • A provocative, high-energy journey through Aboriginal country showing you why we need to fix Canada's 500 year-old relationship with Indigenous peoples; a relationship mired in colonialism, conflict and denial.

    3 discs


500 Nations DVD Set
  • 500 Nations is an eight part documentary which explores the history of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America, from pre-Colombian times, through the period of European contact and colonization, to the end of the 19th century and the subjugation of the Plains Indians of North America. 500 Nations relies on historical texts, eyewitnesses accounts, pictorial sources and computer graphic reconstructions to explore the magnificent civilizations which flourished prior to contact with Western civilization, and to tell the dramatic and tragic story of the Native American nations' desperate attempts to retain their way of life against overwhelming odds.

    5 discs


Older Than America DVD
  • A woman's haunting visions reveal a Catholic priest's sinister plot to silence her mother from speaking the truth about the atrocities that took place at her Native American boarding school. A contemporary drama of suspense, Older Than America focuses on the lasting impact of the cultural genocide that occurred at such schools.


Métis Women’s Traditional Arts Series DVD
  • Grade Level: All Ages

    Narrators: Penny Condon, Anna Flaminio, and Cheryl Troupe

    To showcase and celebrate the artistic talents of Métis women, the Gabriel Dumont Institute produced The Métis Women’s Traditional Arts Series. This DVD contains the four-video series, which provides in-depth instruction and direction in the production of various forms of Métis cultural expression.

    Aen Kroshay aen tapee avec mi gineey: Métis Hooked Rugs

    Margaret Harrison, and her mother, Adeline Pelletier dite Racette, provide the viewer with step-by-step instructions on how to make a hooked rug. As well, Margaret and Adeline share their stories about living on a road allowance in the Qu’Appelle Valley in southern Saskatchewan.

    Mashnikwawchikun avec la sway di fil: Métis Silk Embroidery

    With instruction from Margaret Harrison, viewers have the opportunity to learn basic embroidery stitches, and receive direction in working with patterns, designs, needles, and fabrics. Margaret also shares her experiences and thoughts on the importance of preserving and promoting this traditional Métis art form.

    En saencheur flechey: Métis Fingerweaving

    Combining Aboriginal fingerweaving techniques with European materials, the sash remains an integral and highly symbolic aspect of Métis identity. In this video, Penny Condon provides fingerweaving lessons to grade seven and eight students from St. Frances School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

    Our Shared Inheritance: Traditional Métis Beadwork

    This documentary discusses the Métis beading tradition of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, and centres on Isabelle Impey and her efforts to preserve Métis beadwork. It also provides instructions on how to bead and make moccasins.


Steps in Time II: Métis Dance & Instruction DVD
  • Grade Level: All Ages

    Choreographer: Jeanne Pelletier
    “The Métis Thunder” Dancers: Jeannine Pelletier-Banin, Paul Banin,
    Kim Kovacs, Wilfred Burton, Erin Kramer, Russ Fayant, Michael Racette,
    Derek Racette, Megan Shiplack, and Nicole Morrow
    Music: Brian Sklar, Joe Schultz, Wayne Kuntz, and Garry Lepine
    Producer/Director: Don List, Birdsong Communications
    Format: DVD, Approximately 70 minutes

    Jeanne Pelletier’s Steps in Time II instructs people of all ages the intricate steps of the “Red River Jig”, and square dancing moves and holds. It includes three reels of the “Quadrille” and “la danse du crochet.” A conversation with Jeanne outlines her history as a dance instructor and caller, and why dance is important. Also included on this DVD is the original Steps in Time from 1989, which teaches dancers the “Duck Dance,” some basic Métis dance steps, fancy jig steps, and the “Rabbit Dance.”


Visitors from the Four Directions: Indigenous Peoples in a Globalized World DVD
  • Grade Level: Secondary/Post Secondary/Adult
    This resource highlights many of the issues affecting Indigenous peoples throughout the world. To develop this resource, the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan brought together a number of Indigenous activists from outside of Canada in order to discuss how racism and colonization has impacted not only their lives but also the lives of their peoples. This resource is useful for secondary and post-secondary educators and students who are interested in the struggle of Indigenous peoples to reclaim their languages, homelands, and lifeways.


Reel Injun DVD
  • Hollywood has an impressive track record -- one that spans more than 4000 films -- of blatantly misrepresenting Native people and their cultures. Featuring interviews with filmmakers and activists such as Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch and Russell Means -- and clips from hundreds of classic films including Stagecoach, The Outlaw Josey Wales and One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest and Dances with Wolves -- Reel Injun delves into the fascinating history of the Hollywood Indian with razor-sharp insight and humour, tracing its checkered cinematic evolution from the silent film era to today.

    Download the Reel Injun DVD Teacher's Guide: Reel Injun


The Rez - Complete Series DVD
  • Based on characters first introduced to international audiences by W.P. Kinsella's acclaimed collection of short stories Dance Me Outside, and further entrenched by Bruce McDonald's witty, award winning theatrical feature of the same name, THE REZ continues its unfiltered look at life on a First Nations reservation through the lives of Silas Crow (Ryan Black), Frank Fencepost (Darrell Dennis) and Sadie Maracle (Jennifer Podemski), three smart teenagers with more attitude than even they can handle. Shepherded along by executive producer Norman Jewison, featuring a theme by award-winning singer Susan Aglukark and appearances by Adam Beach (Flags of Our Fathers, Windtalkers, Dance Me Outside), THE REZ is a unique dramedy that delivers a sweet series of tales from the nineteen year old perspective of Silas as he tells of his life, his friends, his family, and the world of the Kidabanesee Reserve in northern Ontario.


Muffins for Granny DVD
  • The sad history of the Canadian government`s residential school program has had a profound effect on First Nations peoples across the country. For filmmaker Nadia McLaren, it's personal history as well; her Ojibway grandmother was forced into a residential school and its repercussions have echoed through her family. Looking to understand her loving but troubled grandmother, McLaren interviews seven First Nations elders about their experiences in residential schools. Mixing stark animated moments with human faces and home movie footage, Muffins For Granny is a raw and honest documentary about a difficult chapter in Canadian history — a chapter that, for some, is not over.

    Optional French subtitles.


Raven Tales Episode 26: Musicians of the Sun DVD
  • It is winter in the village and everything is grey and lifeless. The sun is not shining and the snow is piling up, trapping the people inside and making them restless and irritable. Frog comes to relieve the tension by telling the people a story.

    Frog tells of a time of darkness, and how the Great Spirit sent Raven to free the musicians of the sun, so that the people can have music and the world could have light.

    Raven enlists Frog to help to free the musicians but the Sun does not want to let them go and their instruments are burned by the Sun's rage.

    In the end, the Great Spirit teaches the villagers how to make the instruments and as the musicians are the villagers now, they make beautiful music and the people are happy and the world is bright again.


Raven Tales Episode 25: Return of Kulos DVD
  • Sgaana the Killer whale won't allow the villagers to fish. Faced with starvation, Wina decides to fight back. After a disastrous attempt at catching Sgaana, Wina takes inspiration from Kulos and tries a different strategy. Using the power of Kulos, he forces the whale into respecting the villagers and sharing the ocean.


Raven Tales Episode 24: A Day In The Life DVD
  • As the villagers work hard at their chores, Raven works equally hard avoiding them. After escaping to the forest, he finds himself in the middle of a dispute over a giant salmon. With the help of the Great Spirit, Frog, and the animals, Raven learns that everyone has a place in the village.


Raven Tales Episode 23: Change and Butterflies DVD
  • The Great Spirit sits and watches the children play. They ask him why he watches them. He tells them a time of change is coming, that the world will soon be different. This would be the time of the Long Autumn, and wild game will be scarce and times be hard. The Great Spirit sees this saddens the children, so he decides he will give them a gift to remember him and the beauty of this first world. He takes some blue from the Sky, whiteness from the cornmeal, spots of Sunlight, and the blackness of a Dza's hair. He takes the yellow of falling leaves, green of the Pine needles, red, purple, and orange from the flowers. When the Great Spirit finished, he called the children together.

    He told them to open his hands and there would be a surprise for them. So they opened his hands, and out fly hundreds of beautiful Butterflies singing a beautiful song. The children are amazed; Never before had they seen such wonderful, happy things.

    But a jealous songbird lands on the Great Spirit’s Shoulder and scolds him. "It is not right to give our songs to these pretty things! You told us when you made us that each bird would have his own song. These pretty things have all the colors of the rainbow already. Must they take our songs, too?"

    The Great Spirit thinks for a moment and then says, "You are right. I made one song for each bird, and I must not give them away to any other." So butterflies were made silent, and they are still silent to this day. But their beauty brightens the day of all People, and brings out the songs from their hearts.


Raven Tales Episode 22: Work and Play DVD
  • All Klunduz wants to do is play, avoiding chores despite his parent's displeasure. After an argument one night with his mother, Klundux decides he’s had enough and will live on his own in the forest, where he can play all he wants and never work.

    In the forest he find Raven, who has be kicked out of his house by Eagle for being a lazy slob. They agree to stay together in the forest living the easy life. Morning comes and Klundux is excited to start a day of play, but realizes he’s hungry. Raven is hungry as well, but they have no food.

    After a day of failed attempts at getting food, Klundux decides he can just steal some food from his parents. They eat, but the food leaves a terrible taste in his mouth as Klundux thinks upon how he obtained it. At night the rain pours on their camp, leaving them so wet and miserable that Raven abandons him and runs back to Eagle, begging to be let back in. Klundux stays up wondering if his parents will ever take him back after stealing. Then he gets an idea...

    The next day, Igis and Qos find that all the chores have been done for them - the house is clean and the stores are full. Klundux appears in the doorway and apologizes for stealing the food, then asks if he can move back in.

    His parents laugh, to them he never stole anything, for their food is his food, he need only provide a little help now and then to earn his share.


Raven Tales Episode 21: Bukwas DVD
  • Caught in a storm out at sea, Wina, Qos and Gwai find themselves shipwrecked on a strange beach. They come upon an old man wearing a frightful mask, making soup over a fire on the shore. He calls himself Bukwas, a friend to lost sea travelers, and offers them a taste of his soup.

    Back in the village, Igis is worried and decides to set out after the men. She wants to ask Frog's help, but Raven scoffs. He is all the help she needs. He takes her to Dzunukwa, who tells her that the men are with Bukwas. They set out to sea and soon find the wrecked canoe, but the men are nowhere to be found. Igis is frustrated with Raven who seems more interested in fooling around than helping her find the men.

    Raven builds three stick men and dresses them with clothes and hats from the village, donning the clothes himself as well. He annoints them with a symbol and they spring to life, clumsily following him and Igis into the forest.

    Soon the come upon the home of Bukwas, and Raven tricks the old man into playing a game of bones, wagering his 'slaves' for Bukwas' prisoners. Throughout the game, Raven wins, then loses, then wins again, each time trading men with Bukwas. Soon, after many rounds of play, the three men are on Raven's side, with Bukwas holding the stick men. Raven decides to call the game a tie, and they decide to leave.

    But Bukwas is angy at being tricked, and tries to stop them, but Igis fends him off with her spear and they escape.


Raven Tales Episode 20: Spiders and Dreams DVD
  • Dza is having nightmares. She doesn’t want to sleep at night and Wina is worried. He asks Frog for advice and Frog tells him he will find help in the most unlikely place. The next morning Wina sees a spider quietly spinning his web in his own space near Dza’s bed. He starts to wipe away the web then stops. The spider gives him a little nod then continues. Each day, Wina watches the spider at work, quietly spinning away. One day as he is watching him, Winadzi comes in. He gets ready to smash the spider but Wina stops him.

    Winadzi is puzzled, but Wina tells him to wait, he wants to see the spider finish. When the boy leaves, the spider thanks Wina for saving her life. It says to him, "For many days you have watched me spin and weave my web. You have admired my work. In return for saving my life, I will give you a gift."

    She smiles her special spider smile and moves away, spinning as she goes. Soon, the moon glistens on a magical silvery web moving gently in the breeze. "See how I spin?" she says. "See and learn, for each web will snare bad dreams. Only good dreams will go through the small hole. This is my gift to you. Use it so that only good dreams will be remembered. The bad dreams will become hopelessly entangled in the web." Wina starts creating his own web the next day out of leather twine and hangs it over Dza’s bed. That night she sleeps without a nightmare, and they decide to call their new gift a Dream Catcher.


Raven Tales Episode 19: The Games DVD
  • Raven, Eagle, Wina and Qos are out fishing when they become ensnared by a storm and blown far out to sea, finally coming to rest on a strange island. They notice footprints that lead them to a village of people much like themselves, complete with their own Raven and Eagle. They are surprised to see Frog, who explains that there are many other people in the world, and many other Ravens and Eagles. She introduced everyone and and evening of dancing, storytelling and gift giving ensues.

    The following morning, they head back to their canoe to return home, only to find the rest of the first people, led by Gwai, arriving in canoes of their own. The two villages decide to visit together a little longer. The children soon become bored, so Frog suggests that they organize some games to pass the time. Soon, both villages are competing in a variety of activities, which culminate in a huge feast and the exchanging of prizes.

    They soon realize that in the process of competing, they have come to know and respect each other’s culture all the more, and come together in friendship. The people decide to get together on regular basis, and to join together in friendly competition once each year.


Raven Tales Episode 18: Starlight, Star Bright DVD
  • The children sit outside looking up at the stars with Dog. They wonder aloud how they came to take the shapes that they have. Eagle appears and tells them how in the beginning days, that the Great Spirit called together a huge gathering of all the four-legged creatures and birds. At this meeting the Great Spirit selected the Old Man and his Daughter, who had lost the stars to begin with, to give them a pattern for all to enjoy. The Great Spirit gathered them back into a box and they began to carefully place each one.

    Coyote was very interested in what was going on, but being a wiggler and trickster, the Great Spirit turned to him and said "Do not make mischief here!" The Old man and his Daughter were busy placing the stars in ordered patterns upon the sky: Seven Stars here and the three Stars there. When they had placed the beautiful Morning Star he stood back and admired their work, as did all the rest.

    While everyone, including the Great Spirit was gathered to gaze at the luminous Morning Star, Coyote tiptoed over to the box of stars to see for himself what the man and daughter were doing. As he lifted the boxes lid just a little, the stars rose to the occasion, pushed the lid away and raced for the sky. This is the reason so many twinkle without order or pattern, and why so many are not named.


Raven Tales Episode 17: Baby Blues DVD
  • As Eagle and Frog look out over the sunrise, they talk about a time of change for the First People. A new child will be born to Gwaiyum. Widi is going to have a brother or a sister and all the family is very excited, except for little Widi.

    When the baby is born, she is not given a name because she will not stop crying. The adults begin to worry that the baby will never stop crying, but then her eyes land on Widi’s warrior doll, she stops abruptly and breaks into a wide smile. The parents ask Widi to give the doll to her, but he runs away instead.

    Eagle finds Widi sitting alone in the forest and tells him the story of the sacrifice made by the young girl Agas, a Comanche, who chose to sacrifice her most precious possession, her warrior doll, to please the Great Spirit.

    The Great Spirit was angry that the people had been so selfish taking from the land and giving nothing in return, that he had caused a great drought. But the little girl knew what to do. She offered her most prized possession, the doll her late father had given to her, to the Great Spirit to ask for rain. The Great Spirit was pleased, and the rains returned.

    Widi decides to make his new sister happy and to help the people of the village by giving the baby his warrior doll. The baby is happy and quiet now that she has the doll and Widi names her Agas, which means, “She who is not alone.”


Raven Tales Episode 16: The Great Bear Rock DVD
  • During a long hunt, the people come across a huge boulder sitting on the beach. The wonder where it came from and make up stories among themselves as to how it might have come to be. Finally, Frog interrupts them and tells them what really happened: In the early days after the light was released, there was a great grizzly bear that bullied all of the other animals, bragging of his great strength and eating all of their food. One day, he discovered and consumed Raven’s store of fish, and Raven vowed to deal with the bear once and for all. Frog whispered a secret in Raven’s ear about the Great Bear’s weakness, giving Raven an idea...

    Raven Challenged the Great Bear that he wasn’t strong enough to jump to the small islands off the coast, something that Raven and the other birds could do easily. Initially the Great Bear declined, but Raven persisted, questioning the Bear’s strength and courage until finally get him to answer the challenge.

    They jumped from island to island, each just a little bit farther than the last, and the Bear begins to tire. But each time, Raven would get him madder and madder until he would jump again. Finally, the largest jump left to do, and the Bear jumped, but because he was so tired his toe hit the water as he landed and he turned into the huge rock, for that was his weakness: a single drop of water would turn him to stone. And the rock remains on the beach to this day to teach the people humility.


Raven Tales Episode 15: Dog Days DVD
  • The children are fishing when a great wind takes them to a beach far from home. They see some huge footprints, and afraid, they hide in the bushes. As they crouch low they see the huge feet of a huge animal that looks like a wolf. The creature coaxes them from their hiding place and introduces himself as Dog. Dog helps the children hunt for food and keeps them warm at night. Eventually, he brings them home to meet his master, a Giant the children have never seen before.

    After a few days, Dog asks the Giant if he can help the children to go home. The Giant takes the children and Dog to the seashore and transforms him into 3 times his size. He puts the children on Dog’s back and they swim home. As he nears the people’s village, Dog becomes smaller as the Giant’s magic leaves him, until he is half his original size. Dog leaves the children on the beach and tells them he is sorry that he is so small, and surely will be of little use now. Too small to swim back, he disappears into the forest. When the children tell their tribe of their adventure, the people are skeptical, but they are glad the children are safe.

    A few moons come and go until one morning while the tribe sleeps, Dog returns to the children, hungry and dirty. He allows them to pet him and takes food from their hands. They wonder aloud about the giant who gave them the Dog and he tells them it was the Great Spirit. The people offer to let him stay and he becomes a member of the hunt.


Raven Tales Episode 14: Dream, Dream, Dream DVD
  • Widi seems to be always daydreaming and looking out to sea. Gwayum is worried. She goes to Frog who decides to tell Gwayum a story:

    In the earliest times the Great Spirit looked about and saw nothing. No colors, no beauty. Time was silent in darkness. There was no sound. Nothing could be seen or felt. The Great Spirit decided to fill this space with light and life. He created the land and molded the mountains and the valleys. He said, "Everything is ready now. I will fill this place with all of the makings of life. " He thought and thought about what kind of creatures he would make until he fell asleep. He saw strange things in his dream. There were plants of all colors, insects, animals, birds and human beings. Everything seemed out of place. The Great Spirit thought he was having a bad dream; nothing could be this imperfect!

    When he awoke, the Great Spirit saw Raven, Eagle and Frog. They were at play in this first world, and he realized the world of his dream became his creation. Everything he dreamed about would eventually come true. When he saw how Raven and Eagle and Frog acted in concert with one another, he then knew every thing has it's place, and purpose in the time to come. “We must not question the dreamers amongst us,” says Frog, “but be patient and help them if we can. They are the creators.”

    Gwayum takes this to heart and as Frog hops away Widi jumps up. “I’ve got it!” He runs to the others and tells them he knows how to make a boat fly. They all laugh at him, but Gwayum offers to help. Working together, they take a length of fabric and attach it to a pole, which he puts in his tiny boat. It is a sail, and sure enough, it makes the boats fly over the water.


Raven Tales Episode 13: The Rough Face Girl DVD
  • The first Raven Tales episode to be created in HD, the Rough Face Girl is a tale about a young girl who learns a valuable lesson about the beauty within herself. The story is told to Dza by the mysterious Frog, and in the young girl's imagination the story is re-enacted by the people of the village in a funny and heartfelt performance.

    The boys are making fun of Dza because she is a girl. Winadzi calls her ugly, which really hurts her feelings. Walking alone by herself in the forest, she comes upon the mysterious Frog, who tells her the story of the Rough Face girl. The Raven Tales cast take on the roles in Frog’s tale, including Winadzi and Widi as the Rough Face Girl’s older sisters. In the tale, the young Rough Face Girl comes upon a huge wigwam. A great bird guards the entrance, and informs her that the Great Spirit is inside, and that he is looking for a wife. He tells her that only someone who can see the Great Spirit can be his wife. Rough Face returns to the village but the people laugh at her wild tale. During the night however, her sisters steal her shell necklace and cloak, and take them as gifts to the Great Spirit in an attempt to woo him. They sneak past the sleeping bird, and once inside, they lie about being able to see the Great Spirit, and his voice sends them away in shame.

    The Rough Face girl wakes up to find her gifts are missing, so she asks her father for something to offer the Great Spirit. He offers her an old pair of moccasins, which are in disrepair, but she sees the value in them, and thus she suddenly understands. She returns to the wigwam, and informs the Great Spirit that she can see him in the beauty inside of all things. He appears and accepts her as his wife, and her true beauty is revealed. They return to the village and the people are amazed at her beauty. But the Rough Face girl tells them that it was there all the time, if only that had looked inside, her. This ability she gives to them all as a wedding present, then she, her Father and the Great Spirit disappear forever.


Raven Tales Episode 12: The Gathering DVD
  • The First People return to their village, which has been destroyed by the great flood. They struggle to work, but days go by but they make little progress by themselves. After many days they are exhausted and hungry with much still to be done. Frog reminds them that they have many friends, they just need to call on them. Qos calls to Kulos, who helps them to rebuild their homes. Gwai calls to the Sea Wolf, who brings them food from the sea. Still they find they are falling behind, trying to take care of the kids and rebuild. Frog reminds them of Dzunakwa, who comes to take the children into the forest.

    They begin to make progress, but fall is coming too fast. Frog suggests that they ask the animals of the forest. The people are skeptical; after all, it was the animals that gave them colds and fevers in the winter. Frog says yes, but if you call to them perhaps they will come. The people are suspicious, but they call out to the animals for help, and just like that the animals come from out of the forest and begin to help the people rebuild.

    Just as the first snow begins to fall they are finished and one by one they say goodbye to their friends. The animals look on and begin to slink back into the forest, assuming they will not be thanked. At this, Raven steps forward and asks them all to stay. There is so much food and they have warm homes and the animals have had no time to ready themselves for winter. We must celebrate this time, says Frog, and the people agree happily. They celebrate the first potlatch by giving gifts of food to the animals.


Raven Tales Episode 11: The Flood DVD
  • Spring has arrived and the world is filled with light and warmth, and the children are at play. They see a tiny mouse staring at them, who warns the children that a great flood is coming, and that they must go to higher ground. She tells them that their parents will not understand her, so the responsibility to save the village is theirs. Over the next few days, they try to warn their parents, who remain skeptical. Raven and Eagle just laugh at them, and Frog simply advised them that they were told to do it themselves, so they should find a way. The days pass and the children grow frantic, until finally they get an idea.

    That night, everything of value is taken from the village as the people sleep. Then there are cries of help in the night. Suddenly all the parents wake up and see that not only has everything been stolen, but also the children are missing and crying out to them. They run toward the cries of help, up to the top of a great hill where they find the children surrounding a pile of their possessions. They begin to get angry when a tiny mouse appears at the top of the pile and points down the hill as the Sea erupts in great waves that destroy the village. They look down at the children. You tried to warn us, and we wouldn’t listen. The mouse transforms into Mouse woman. They have lost their village, but they have been saved, she squeaks, but the adults cannot understand her. A child turns to them and explains that she is saying you must learn to listen to even the smallest among you. Even a mouse can roar.


Raven Tales Episode 10: Raven Gets Sick DVD
  • It is a cold winter and everybody in the village is sneezing and miserable, including Raven and Eagle. Nobody can understand what is happening, but Frog arrives and tells them how sickness came to the people: Early in the new world, the animals call the Great Spirit to meet with them. They complain that the humans have all of the advantages, including hands, the ability to walk upright, master fire, create shelter and rule both day and night. The animals complain of their suffering each winter; the bears sniffling in dark caves, the bugs aching joints, the snakes soar bellies and the birds aching throats.

    The Great Spirit decides that once a year, during the winter the people of the will suffer like the bear and the snake and the insect and will be silenced as the birds. But as Frog has counseled me, and as the plants have agreed, the people may find a cure for these ills in the roots, the leaves and the bark of the plants. If the people are smart enough to find them, and wise enough to preserve and remember them.

    The animals look at each other and smiled. They aren’t smart enough to figure that out, and certainly not wise enough to remember. Frogs ends her narration and we are back at the village. The people are stunned to hear this. Then they look around to see Raven gobbling at berries and plants in hopes of finding a cure. Hmmm, he says, stomach bulging, I feel better already.


Raven Tales Episode 09: Raven And The Coyote DVD
  • One summer day, Frog is visited by her friend from the south, Mother Toad. They are laughing and telling stories about the Coyote, a great trickster like Raven. Overhearing them, Raven becomes jealous and heads south in search of the strange beast. When he finds him, Raven tricks Coyote into thinking that he can fly.

    After several painful attempts, Raven suggests to Coyote that he might need a head start, so he grabs hold of Coyote’s nose and carries him high into the air. Coyote begins to wiggle in pain and his nose begins to stretch. Raven warns him to stop wiggling or he’ll have to let go, but Coyote can’t help himself. As they rise above the clouds, Coyote wriggles free. He falls so quickly that his tail catches fire and then he strikes the ground in a puff of dust. When the dust clears Coyote no longer stands on two legs, but four. His red skin is now covered in brown-gray dust, and his nose is long with holes where Raven held him and his tail has a black singe mark at the end.

    Raven laughs, thinking that he has tricked the Coyote, but in fact, it is the Coyote who has tricked Raven! Coyote wanted to change his appearance so that he could fool the creatures of the desert that have come to know him in his old form, so he tricked Raven into transforming him!


Raven Tales Episode 08: Howl At The Moon DVD
  • The people in the village are tired, hardly able to stay awake and complaining about the howling of the wolves. The adults of the village agree that the wolves must be run off, and they head off into the woods to flush them out and burn the wolf dens. During the hunt, Wina follows a pair of wolves to a high shelf of rock where they become trapped. However, Wina lowers his spear and decides he cannot kill them, but as it jumps by him a Wolf knocks Wina off the shelf and into a river below.

    The men return to the Village and find Wina is missing. They discuss searching for him, but it has begun to snow, winter is upon them. They’ll have to wait out the storm. The storm passes, but as the men make ready to leave, Wina emerges from the forest covered with a warm deer fur, looking well rested and fed. He tells them how he became lost, but was taken care of by two shadowy strangers in a cave in the woods. They soon revealed themselves as the wolves he did not kill in the hunt. They explain that he had showed mercy, and deserved no less. They asked that he should tell the people of the village that they mean no harm and only cry out in the night to tell the people of the village that all is well.

    Wina finishes his story and tells the rest of the village that from that point on he and his family will be of the wolf clan; they will wear a symbol of the wolf and build a totem to honor them and protect them.


Raven Tales Episode 07: The Child of Tears DVD
  • Igis and Qos are trying to have a child without success. Frog comes upon Igis crying in the forest, and she tells her of the witch-creature Dzunukwa, a powerful with who may be able to help her; for a price. Igis decides to call to Dzunukwa, who tells her that if Igis gathers her tears together and mixes it with earth, then Dzunukwa will make a child from it. The price, she says, is that if the Child ever calls out to its maker in sadness then Dzunukwa will return to take not only the child, but all of the other children in the village as well!

    Igis agrees without hesitation and promises to pay Dzunukwa’s price, confident that her child will be loved and cherished. Igis gathers her tears for Dzunukwa and sure enough she soon has her own child, Klundux. However, the other children make fun of the Klundux; even Igis worries out loud that he looks so different. Overhearing her, Klundux runs away crying, and calls out to Dzunukwa to take him away.

    Dzunukwa returns and demands her reward. Although the parents offer their finest and most precious possessions, Dzunukwa refuses them all and tells them what she will take all of the children. The parents are horrified, but they can do nothing to stop her as they fade away into the forest.

    Wina notices that Klundux has left a trail of wet footprints so the parents decide to find Dzunukwa's home and retrieve their children. Meanwhile, the children find that Dzunukwa, although scary to look at is actually quite nice and knowledgeable, and she teaches them many secrets of the forest.

    Eventually, the parents reach Dzunukwa's home and find her playing with the children. Frog appears and offers a solution; the promise need not be broken if the children come to play with Dzunukwa in the Summer months when there is so much work for their parents to do, then return to the village in the fall. Dzunukwa agrees, but she misses the children and her tears fall every time they depart, which is why the clouds come and the rain falls until summer returns.


Raven Tales Episode 06: Bald Eagle DVD
  • All the kids who are walking along with Eagle one day ask him why he is bald. Eagle denies he is bald, then tells them as long as they don’t tell anyone else, he will tell them how he came to look like he does. He tells them about the world before the light, the Great Spirit called Eagle and Raven to come and carry him across the world for he wished to see it. He told them to fly to the ocean so he could drink, but he became much heavier and so he was harder to carry.

    The Great Spirit then wanted to eat, so they took him to a river to eat some fish. He invited Raven to join him and Raven ate so much he can’t fly anymore, leaving Eagle to carry them both. They decide to visit Frog, who tells them a story of how the world will one day be filled with light and people. The Great Spirit asks frog to show him where all this will happen, and they all climb on top of Eagle to get there. Frog, Raven and Great Spirit poke fun at Eagle, who is growing tired and frustrated. Angrily, he drops them from his back and they fall to the ground.

    Raven and Frog start to get up when Great Spirit tells them to lay down and play dead. Let Eagle come close, he says, then I’ll show him. Sure enough, Eagle comes down to investigate as he is worried he has killed his friends. As he gets close, the Great Spirit reaches up and grabs Eagle by his head-feathers. Eagle pulls and pulls until he finally breaks free, but all his head-feathers have turned white. Eagle is horrified, but Great Spirit tells him that is what he gets for having no sense of humor.


Raven Tales Episode 05: Love And War DVD
  • Qos is in love with Igis, but she’ll have nothing to do with him. He becomes more and more despondent as he is the only man without a mate or children and winter is upon them, but Igis is simply too much in love with herself to love anybody else. Qos goes to Raven for advice, who tells him to trick her. Raven tells him to go out and follow Igis wherever she walks, and gather the snow from her footsteps to make a snowman, and dress it with her old clothing. Raven invokes a spell and turns the mess of snow and rags into Moowis, a brave, handsome warrior that is the mirror image of Igis.

    When Igis sees Moowis and falls immediately in love. She follows Moowis everywhere tells everyone in the village tha she plans to marry him. Qos begins to complain that the trick hasn’t worked, but Raven tells him to be patient.

    The wedding day comes and Igis stands ready to wed Moowis. He stands with her in the sun and melts into a pool of water. Igis looks down into the pool and sees only her own face. Raven points out then that she has always only loved herself, even when someone else has loved her. She asks who and Qos comes forward. She realizes how much Qos has loved her all this time and agrees to marry him instead.


Raven Tales Episode 04: Gone Fishing DVD
  • The first people build Eagle a totem because Eagle brings more food, in the form of fish he catches. Raven who becomes jealous because he is incapable of catching fish himself, tries to help the people in other ways but ends up making a mess every time. Frog advises him to be more like himself, the trickster, than trying to be like Eagle. Raven is inspired, and decides he will show everyone by winning all the winter-smoked fish in the village for himself.

    Raven tells everyone in the village of a mystery bird that he has seen catching huge fish in a nearby stream. Proud Eagle boasts he can catch the biggest fish, and thus Raven tricks him into entering a fishing contest. He challenges the people to a bet that Eagle can’t catch as big a fish in a single try as the other bird.

    The day of the contest comes and the mystery bird appears. It is Raven in a silly transformation costume. He’s secretly bet on Eagle and intends to throw the contest and win all the fish. Raven leaps down and ends up hitting a rock, losing his costume and falling into the water. Eagle realizes that the mystery bird is Raven and saves him from drowning. The people see that they have been tricked, but realize that Raven had inadvertently taught the village that it is better to share all their goods. They erect a totem for Raven that is the same size as Eagle’s and have a feast in his honor.


Raven Tales Episode 03: The Sea Wolf DVD
  • Gwai is having a hard time keeping up with the others when it comes to catching fish. Frog tells him about the greatest hunter of all, the Wasgo (Sea-wolf). Gwai calls out to the waves in vain (he thinks) but later the Sea wolf visits him when he is carving alone in the forest. The Wasgo offers to help, but only if Gwai agrees to give him proper credit, in the form of a totem. Gwai agrees, and soon the Sea-wolf helps him to bring back a huge net filled with fish, but Gwai returns to the village and takes credit for the catch himself and forgets to build the totem.

    The Sea Wolf continues to visit Gwai, each time asking when his totem will be done. Gwai lies and says he will finish it before the end of fall but he becomes worried as the people are becoming suspicious of his continued success. He tells Frog the problem and Frog suggests he just tell the truth, but when Gwai tells the Sea-wolf of his lies, it takes back the fish in the middle of the night. When Gwai tells the village that a sea Wolf has stolen back the fish, he is the laughing stock of the village for no-one believes him.

    Gwai goes back into the woods, and working day and night, creates a totem for the Sea-Wolf and displays it in the village. That night the Sea-Wolf comes and sees it, and he is so pleased he forgives Gwai, bringing him ten fish. The people thank him he leaves telling them to thank Gwai, whose good manners brought them such good fortune.


Raven Tales Episode 02: Raven and the First People DVD
  • The world is now filled with life: birds clamor merrily and fish swim and jump in the waters. Raven and Eagle walk among the new animals, instructing them on how they should behave but the animals ignore them or make rude gestures.

    They meet Frog, who tells them of a great clam shell with a wondrous surprise inside. Raven, ever curious, finds the clam shell on the beach, but it just sits there doing nothing. Frustrated, Raven kicks at it and he hears a cry issue forth. Eagle is uneasy and suggests they walk on but Raven ignores him. Prying open the shell he finds tiny men inside.

    Eagle finds the men quite unpleasant to look at, but Raven is intrigued. He decides to take charge of the men, teaching them how to make fire, to hunt; he even tries to teach them how to fly. Of course it all turns out as quite a mess. He grows bored again and despairs because Eagle won't let him leave them alone.

    Frog returns and tells Eagle and Raven about another shell slightly different from the first. Raven goes to this second shell and this time introduces its inhabitants, the Women, to the boys, but it doesn’t go as planned. Raven decides he’s had enough and figures out a way to get rid of all of them by coaxing them back into the shell. He and Eagle soon forget about the clam shells and the strange creatures inside.

    A year passes and as Raven and Eagle decide to re-visit the beach, where they find the clam shells now empty. The lower their heads in a memorial for the people they assume have died. They turn, walk over a hill and... run smack into a village of people with their children.


Raven Tales Episode 01: How Raven Stole the Sun DVD
  • One day, Frog tells them about an old man who keeps the sky, the stars, the moon and the light of the world in a set of boxes in his hut by the river. Curious, Raven transforms himself into a spruce needle and is swallowed by the old man’s daughter as she drinks from the river.

    Raven sleeps and grows inside the girl until he was born as a Raven-child. Using all his powers of persuasion, his childish charisma and the odd temper tantrum, he persuades the old man to open the boxes.

    At the moment he hands the last box to the Raven-child, the Raven assumes his true form and escapes from the hut through the smoke hole, which blackens his feathers. As he ascends into the sky with the sun, the world around him is instantly transformed by the light, which awakens all the plants and animals.


Rabbit Proof Fence DVD
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence - featuring the Golden Globe - nominated score by Peter Gabriel - is the powerful true story of hope and survival, and has been met with international acclaim! At a time when it was Australian government policy to train aboriginal children as domestic workers and integrate then into white society, young Molly Craig decides to lead her little sister and cousin in a daring escape from their internment camp. Molly and the girls, part of what would become known as Australia's a Stolen Generation, must then elude the authorities on a dangerous 1,500-mile adventure along the rabbit-proof fence that bisects the continent and will lead them home. As shown by this outstanding motion picture, their universally touching plight and unparalleled courage are a beautiful testament to the undying strength of the human spirit.


Native Art of Canada DVD
  • This unique style of art is brought to life in this beautifully shot video. View traditional masks and carvings, each one unique and individual. See the contemporary style of Native art, represented in beautiful paintings and stunning jewelry carved in gold, silver and sparkling diamonds.


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