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15 Canadian #IndigenousReads for young readers
  • CBC launched a list of titles on June 23, 2016. We support their initiative and have re-created their list as one of our Bundles.

    Looking for a way to celebrate Indigenous Book Club Month with the kids? Check out our #IndigenousReads recommendations for younger readers, written by Indigenous Canadian authors. The list starts at the top with young adult books, then middle grade and finally, children's picture books.


Integrating Indigenous Content Into the Classroom
  • How do I integrate Indigenous content into the classroom is our most asked question. Here is a sequence of books that will not only do this easily for you but build classroom community at the same time. Simply using these books in the classroom is acknowledging Indigenous ways of knowing and being. If you bring even more personal knowledge to each book, well that deepens the learning, but just reading these books is fantastic in itself.

    We have also attached the lesson sequence for you which outlines the order in which the books could be read in the classroom.

    Enjoy! ~Terri

    Click here to download: Integrating Indigenous Content Into the Classroom

    Click here to download: The Saanich Year by Earl Claxton



Seven Sacred Teachings Theme Bundle
  • Please note: The Seven Sacred Teachings are practiced by many, but not all, Indigenous communities. Although the teachings may vary amongst Nations and within urbanized communities much of the same meanings exist across cultures.


Theme Bundle: Bears
  • Strong Nations offers a Bear Theme Bundle chalk full of resources. This will make a great addition to your District Resource Collection!

    If you are looking for a specific Theme Bundle please let us know and we can design one to meet your needs.



Theme Bundle: Eagles
  • Strong Nations offers an Eagle Theme Bundle chalk full of resources.

    If you are looking for a specific Theme Bundle please let us know and we can design one to meet your needs.



Theme Bundle: Grade 1 Aboriginal Literacy Strong Box
  • This little bundle provides you with a mix of professional texts, read alouds that support First Nations, Inuit and Metis content, music, reading strategies poster and guided reading 6 packs from levels 1 - 16.


Theme Bundle: Reading Connections
  • 6 Learning Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension

    Ways to engage students in the thinking process while they are reading both fiction and non fiction:
    Effective reading instruction depends on the explicit teaching of decoding skills as well as the thinking processes required to make real meaning of the text. There are any number of strategies that can be used to teach students to deepen their thinking while reading. We have chosen to highlight six of these on the Strong Nations website. They have proven effective for all grade levels and curriculum areas and a brief description of each is provided below.


Theme Bundle: Remembrance Day
  • Here are a selection of titles that honour our Aboriginal War Veterans.



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