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2009 Selections

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Welcome Song For Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns
Format: Board Book
Grade Levels: Preschool; Kindergarten;

From renowned First Nations storyteller, Richard Van Camp comes a lyrical Lullaby for newborns. Complemented with stunning photographs, this evocative board book is perfectly suited as a first book for every baby.

- 2007 Toronto Public Library First & Best booklist commendation
- 2007 Resource Links "The Year's Best" long-listed
- 2008 Books for BC Babies winner winner
- 2008 Books for BC Babies winner

"An excellent purchase for public libraries and a terrific gift for new parents! Highly recommended." — CM Magazine, January 2008

"This is a board book that toddlers will want to look at over and over just to see the expressions on the little ones." — NMRLS Youth Services Book Review, December 2008

Additional Information
24 pages | 7.00" x 7.00"

Authenticity Note: Because the images and text in this story are not specifically Indigenous, this book has been labelled as containing Non-Indigenous Content, in accordance with our Authenticity Guidelines. It is up to readers to determine if this book will work as an Indigenous resource for their purposes.

Authentic Canadian Content

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