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We Are All Connected Series

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We Are All Connected is a series that explores how we all live together in a shared balance upon Mother Earth. Each book explores a specific ecosystem with a focus on one animal and its adaptations for survival within that ecosystem. Indigenous interviewees, each living within the same area, have responded to strategic questions as to how their community interacts with the land, their traditional territory. Explore each text with a sense of inquiry in mind.

8 We Are All Connected Titles: Coast Salish, Coastal Rainforests and Cougars; Haisla, Rivers and Chinook Salmon; Inuit, Tundra and Ravens; Lakota, Mixed Grasslands and Bald Eagles; Métis, Wetlands and Mallards; Nisga'a, Ponds and Leopard Frogs; Nlaka'pamux, Grasslands and Rattlesnakes; Sto:lo, Riparian Forests and Black Bears. Each title covers the following curricular areas. Traditional storytelling and artwork begin each title from the focus Indigenous territory. Science: Biodiversity, classification, life cycles, food chains, food webs and connections between living and non-living things are just some of the science concepts included in each book. Social Studies: Contemporary and historical Indigenous cultural knowledge flows throughout each book. Local land forms, gatherings, harvesting practices and government are some of the social studies concepts included in each book.

2 Foundation Titles: The two foundational books provide deeper understanding of the content of the We Are All Connected titles. We Are All Connected: The Earth, Our Home- explores biomes, ecosystems and biodiversity. We Are All Connected: The Earth, We Share- explores the interconnectedness between living and non-living things.

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