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The Potawatomi: Our History, Our Story, Our Future
Mary Elliott
Format: Paperback
“Our story begins from long ago. We are the original people of this land. First and foremost we are Anishinabe, whether Ojibway, Odawa or Potawatomi. Our territory is all of the Great Lakes area. This is where the Creator meant for us to be.

Our true history tells us that we were a competent Nation, capable of making our own decisions; that we were entrusted with a great responsibility by the Creator for this land. Our history tells us that we were an economic force in our territory and a military power.”

The Potawatomi is a summary of the stories that Butch Elliott told about his people, the Potawatomi. It includes all of the important points, beginning with “who we are” and “where we come from”. Capturing this storytelling tradition keeps history interesting and alive for future generations. The purpose of this book is to create an understanding and awareness of the Potawatomi as a distinct people with an important history.

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