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Raven Series: Raven and Frog Count (Big Book)
Author: Terri Mack
Traditional Territory: Kwakwaka'wakw
Format: Coil Bound
  • Join Raven and Frog as they both count to ten in their own way. Raven teaches one to ten in rhyme and with a focus on number recognition. Frog teaches one to ten with visual supports of number representation.

    A Little Note about Counting:
    Learning to count is a foundational skill and our world is full of numbers. Young learners will learn early on in life that they can have one candy, not ten. In order to support the learning we can teach first what the numbers 1 – 10 look like while counting/naming them. After many practises counting/naming we can then teach the amount of each number. For example, we can show the learners; I can hold one cracker in my left hand and two crackers in my right hand. Last, we can show number representation in a pattern, like the number patterns on dice. Of course, this is only the beginning of discovering that our world is full of math but this is such a great start for any young learner.

    16 pages
    Size: 10" x 14"


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