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One Two Three (Chinese Edition): My First Chinese Nursery Rhymes
Author: Patrice Aggs, Jie Mu
Format: Hardcover
  • Yı Ér Sãn takes children on an exciting journey in Mandarin Chinese. There are more than 25 traditional Chinese songs and nursery rhymes to learn and love, with key words labelled and illustrated on every page. The guide at the back of the book includes information about how the rhymes are used and translates useful phrases. With a CD that introduces the sounds and rhythms of the language, children will enjoy learning and speaking Chinese.


Shanghai Messenger
Author: Andrea Cheng
Format: Paperback
  • "You are my messenger. Look everything. Remember," Grandma Nai Nai tells eleven—year—old Xiao Mei as the girl heads off to Shanghai, China, to visit their extended family. Xiao Mei is both excited and apprehensive. She will meet many new relatives, but will they accept her, a girl from America who is only half Chinese?
    Xiao Mei is eagerly embraced by her aunties, uncles, and cousins and quickly immersed in the sights, smells, and hubbub of daily living in Shanghai. At first battling homesickness, Xiao Mei soon ventures out on her own, discovering the excitement of a different way of life and a new appreciation of her Chinese heritage. When it is finally time to leave, Xiao Mei must gather up her memories and bring "a little bit of China" back home.
    Ed Young's exquisite drawings touchingly highlight Andrea Cheng's lyrical story of adventure, self—discovery, and the strong bonds that tie families together.


The Dinner That Cooked Itself
Format: Hardcover
  • Long, long ago, in a small town in ancient China, there lived an honest and respectful man called Tuan. Tuan was lonely and looked hard for a wife, but even the matchmaker couldn't help him. One night, however, Tuan's luck changed. And so begins the story of Tuan, White Wave, and the Dinner that Cooked Itself. This beautiful and enchanting Chinese fairytale will captivate the imagination with the perfect blend of magic and realism!

    J.C. Hsyu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and raised in Los Angeles. A graduate of UCLA and the Clarion Writers' Workshop, she has worked in the animation, VFX, and video game industries and published speculative fiction short stories. She lives in San Francisco, California, with her husband and reads incessantly. The Dinner That Cooked Itself is her first children's book.

    Kenard Pak grew up in Baltimore and Howard County, Maryland. He studied at Syracuse University and California Institute of the Arts. A visual development artist on many films, Pak has worked for Dreamworks Animation and Walt Disney Feature Animation. The Dinner that Cooked Itself is his second children's book. Pak now lives and works in San Francisco with his patient wife.


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