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Asanas for Autism and Special Needs
Format: Paperback
  • Teaching yoga to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs is easy using this visual how-to handbook.

    Breaking down yoga instruction pose by pose, body part by body part, breath by breath, this book uses easy-to-understand language and clear photographs to show parents, teachers, yoga instructors, and other professionals how to introduce the life-long benefits of yoga to a child with special needs. These benefits include gaining greater awareness and understanding of the body, learning to self-regulate the nervous system, and developing coping skills to work through difficult emotions such as anger and anxiety. Creative yoga games, activities, relaxation exercises, and chair yoga poses are included to make learning yoga a fun, interactive, and calming experience for children with a wide range of abilities.


Games of Survival
Author: Johnny Issaluk
Traditional Territory: Inuit
Format: Paperback
  • Traditionally, Inuit played games in order to be physically and mentally prepared for freezing weather, strenuous hunts, and other grueling conditions that made survival difficult. In this book, Arctic Winter Games champion Johnny Issaluk explains the basics of agility, strength, and endurance games, from the one foot high kick to the head pull and the airplane. Through straightforward descriptions and vibrant photographs, this resource brings to life this vital aspect of Inuit knowledge and culture.


Native American Games and Stories
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Format: Paperback
  • Native American Games and Stories, written by Joseph Bruchac, a well-known Native American writer and storyteller, and his son, James Bruchac, also a writer and storyteller, provides a look at some of the games played by different Native American peoples, along with related stories and legends. This combination of authors is excellent and has resulted in an extremely well-written and well put together book.

    The book is broken into sections based on the type of games (ball games, games of chance, etc.). Each section gives a brief overview of that type of game, followed by one or more related stories. The final part of each section presents the instructions for two to five games. The structure of the book works well as it not only introduces the different types of games, but it also allows the reader to see how the games are presented in Native American stories and culture.

    Each specific game is presented with well-written instructions. An overview of the game and how it is played are then followed by the suggested rules, how to score the game and any equipment that is needed. The sections are clearly indicated, which makes it easy to quickly look up information on that game. The only problem in the presentation of the games is a lack of any suggested ages for the players. Although some games, like Stickball, include a note about a modified version for younger players, there are no guidelines for what ages that could be playing the games. As a result, anyone wanting to play one of the games should read the instructions very carefully to ensure that the game is age-appropriate.

    Native American Games and Stories is a great resource about some of the games played by different Native American tribes, as well as the role that these games have played in Native American culture. This book would be good for many different types of readers, including as a resource for teachers.


Outside Our Window: Developing a Primary Nature Program
Author: Liz McCaw
Format: Coil Bound
  • Nature based classrooms are powerful programs that seamlessly merge early childhood and environmental education to develop a lifelong connection with the natural world. This book is for preschool and primary educators who are thinking about adding a nature component to their current program and for those who have started to take their students outside and are looking for more information to run a successful and safe outdoor program. This user-friendly book provides guidance on how to organize, manage and resource a nature early learning program.


The 175 Best Camp Games: A Handbook for Leaders
Format: Paperback
  • Games for kids 4 to 16, plus tips on keeping them fun and fair for all participants.

    Camp games are meant to be fun. Here are the very best camp-tested games for boys and girls aged 4 to 16, with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations. The Frasers include indoor and outdoor games for both small and large groups, with some old favorites and lots of new, soon-to-be favorites.

    The 175 Best Camp Games also includes advice on:

    - Choosing the right game for the situation
    - Starting and ending games
    - Dealing with rule breakers
    - Modifying games for varied abilities
    - Assuring safety and good supervision.

    This practical guide is easy to use, and the more than 175 games are divided into five chapters:

    - Break the Ice (Name Dropping, Life Raft)
    - Taking It Easy (Speed Rabbit, Electricity)
    - Getting Them Moving (Soh Koh No, Kitty Wants a Corner)
    - Running Them Ragged (Pairs Tag, Fox in the Henhouse)
    - Wet and Wild (Battleship, Sharks and Mermaids).

    Though written with camp leaders in mind, this book will appeal to youth activity directors, counselors, counselors-in-training, coaches, scout leaders, parents, teachers and any other adult looking for creative group activities for youth that include all participants and require little or no special equipment.


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