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A Field Guide to Foraging for Wild Greens and Flowers
Format: Pamphlet

A Field Guide to Foraging for Wild Greens and Flowers pinpoints easy-to-find greens and flowers that many don't realize are edible--such as dandelion, clover, chicory, sheep's sorrel and lamb's quarters--and also introduces readers to the delicious leaves of such native plants as goldenrod and fireweed. And readers can also eat their way to conservation by enjoying edible invasive plants in salads, like garlic mustard and fennel. A lightweight pamphlet that will easily fit into a purse or back pocket, this laminated guide will turn every walk from the bus stop, backyard ramble or stroll around the neighbourhood into a fun foraging expedition.

Authentic Canadian Content

A Taste of Heritage
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: University/College;

Drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of countless generations of Crow Indian women, the well-known speaker and teacher Alma Hogan Snell presents an indispensable guide to the traditional lore, culinary uses, and healing properties of native foods.

A Taste of Heritage imparts the lore of ages along with the traditional Crow philosophy of healing and detailed practical advice for finding and harvesting plants: from the key to creating irresistible dishes of cattails and dandelions, salsify and Juneberries, antelope meat and buffalo hooves, to the secret of using plants to enhance beauty and incite love. Snell describes the age-old practice of turning wildflowers and garden plants into balms and remedies for such ailments and injuries as snakebite, headache, leg cramps, swollen joints, asthma, and sores. She brings to bear not only her lifetime of experience but also the invaluable lessons of her grandmother, the legendary medicine woman Pretty Shield.

With life-enhancing recipes for everything from soups, teas, and breads to poultices, aphrodisiacs, and fertility aids, A Taste of Heritage is above all a fascinating cultural document certain to enrich the reader’s relationship with the natural world.

A partial list of recipes:

Wild Bitterroot Sauce
Wild Carrot Pudding
Cattail Biscuits
Dandelion Soup
Salsify Oyster Stew
Balapia (Berry Pudding)
Juneberry Pie
Chokecherry Cake
Wild Mint Tea
Bitterberry Lemonade
Wheel Bread
Boiled Hooves
Bill’s Mother’s Antelope Roast
Stuffed Trout
Elk Roast
Stuffed Eggs
Old-Time Moose Roast
Wild Turnip Porridge
Wild Turnip Bread
Fresh Wild Salad
Buffalo Cattail Stew
Ground Tomato Salad
Gooseberry Pudding
Bearberry Butter
Spicy Dried Plum Cake
Buffaloberry Jelly

Authentic Indigenous Text

American Indian Healing Arts: Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous American;

American Indian Healing Arts is a magical blend of plant lore, history, and living tradition that draws on a lifetime of study with native healers by herbalist and ethnobotanist E. Barrie Kavasch.

Here are the time-honored tribal rituals performed to promote good health, heal illness, and bring mind and spirit into harmony with nature. Here also are dozens of safe, effective earth remedies--many of which are now being confirmed by modern research.

Each chapter introduces a new stage in the life cycle, from the delightful Navajo First Smile Ceremony (welcoming a new baby) to the Apache Sunrise Ceremony (celebrating puberty) to the Seminole Old People's Dance.

At the heart of the book are more than sixty easy-to-use herbal remedies--including soothing rubs for baby, a yucca face mask for troubled skin, relaxing teas, massage oils, natural insect repellents, and fragrant smudge sticks. There are also guidelines for assembling a basic American Indian medicine chest.

Authentic Indigenous Text

Animal Tracks & Signs of the Northwest
Format: Paperback

Welcome to the secret world of tracks, sign and the animals that made them. Signs of the who, what and where of wildlife are all around us, even when their makers are too shy to come closer. This new guide is the key to unlocking the natural world that shares our environment, by day and by night. All we have to do is take the time to observe and interpret the signs.

The book features nearly 50 species with photos of tracks, scat and other signs, as well as drawings of tracks, track patterns, distribution maps and interesting details on the appearance, habitat and behavior of each species. Information on 20 additional species is also included, to help identify other species in the area and to distinguish one animal from another. There is even a ruler on the back cover. Tracking is detective work—fun, stimulating and very inspiring for anyone who is ready to “meet” the animals that share our landscape, by studying the fascinating clues they leave behind.

Authentic Canadian Content

Backyard Bounty: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest - Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition
Format: Paperback

Grow more food, with less work, in any yard – now completely revised and expanded!

Are you itching to start your own garden or grow more in the one you have, but feel that gardening is too challenging or time-consuming for your busy schedule?

Now completely updated and expanded, Backyard Bounty will demystify gardening, bringing it back to the down-to-earth, environmentally practical activity that anyone can enjoy.

Author and master gardener Linda Gilkeson covers everything you'll need to grow a successful garden, including:

  • Planning your garden and preparing the soil
  • Organic fertilizers and simplified composting
  • Planting for winter harvests and intensive planting schedules
  • Comprehensive information on pests, diseases, and working with an unstable climate
  • Greenhouses, tunnels and containers
  • Organic pest management.

Packed with a wealth of information specific to the Pacific Northwest, this complete guide emphasizes low-maintenance methods, covers problems related to common pests and climate concerns, includes a monthly garden schedule for year-round planting and harvesting, and features plant profiles for everything from apples to zucchini.

Perfect for novice and experienced gardeners alike, Backyard Bounty shows how even the smallest garden can produce a surprising amount of food twelve months of the year.

"Backyard Bounty is very likely the best book ever written on growing food in the Pacific Northwest, and it sets a whole new standard for garden writing. By acknowledging the impacts of climate change on our gardens, Gilkeson further elevates the literature. This is the first “real time” gardening book. It is fresh and timely, and every page courses with practical advice and revelations. All growers should own this amazing and insightful book, and we should refer back to it often." —Mark Macdonald, West Coast Seeds

"Ideal for both new and seasoned gardeners, this new edition adds more listings to the detailed fruit and vegetable profiles, updates variety choices, and supplies practical information on dealing with common pests and diseases, including new ones to our region. Tips on adapting gardening practices to changing weather patterns are eminently helpful, as is a focus on the soil as a life force that fosters health in plants." —Helen Chesnut, Garden columnist, Times Colonist

"Whether you have a small or large lot, little or plenty of time, this book shows you how to grow your own toxic-free fruit and vegetables the whole year-round. From preparing the ground to harvesting and storing the ripened produce, all is clearly explained. An invaluable book for novices and experienced gardeners". —Barry Roberts, Past-President, Master Gardeners Association of BC

Additional Information
384 pages | 7.50" x 9.00" | 120 b&w illustrations and photographs 

Authentic Canadian Content

Beginning Seed Saving for the Home Gardener
Format: Paperback

How home gardeners with little time or space can reclaim the joy and independence of seed saving.

Many home gardeners refuse to eat a grocery store tomato, but routinely obtain seeds commercially, sometimes from thousands of miles away. And while seed saving can appear mysterious and intimidating, even home gardeners with limited time and space can experience the joy and independence it brings, freeing them from industry and the annual commercial seed order.

Beginning Seed Saving for the Home Gardener explores how seed saving is not only easier than we think, but that it is essential for vibrant, independent, and bountiful gardens. Coverage includes:

  • Why seed saving belongs in the home garden
  • Principles of vegetative and sexual reproduction
  • Easy inbreeding plants, including legumes, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers
  • Plants with a few more challenges, including squash, spinach, onions, and parsley
  • Brief discussion of more difficult crops, including corn, carrots, and cabbage.

Written by a home seed saver for the home seed saver, Beginning Seed Saving for the Home Gardener is a comprehensive guide for those who want to reclaim our seed heritage, highlighting the importance of saving seeds for you, your neighbors, and most importantly, subsequent generations.

Additional Information
96 pages | 7.50" x 9.00" | 58 illustrations


Bernardin Complete Book of Home Preserving: 400 Delicious and Creative Recipes for Today
Format: Paperback

From the experts, the definitive book on home preserving.

Bernardin Home Canning Products are the gold standard in home preserving supplies, the trademark jars on display in stores every summer from coast to coast. Now the experts at Bernardin have written a book destined to become the Bernardin "bible" of home preserving. As nutrition and food quality have become more important, home canning and preserving has increased in popularity for the benefits it offers:
- Cooks gain control of the ingredients, including organic fruits and vegetables.
- Preserving foods at their freshest point locks in nutrition.
- The final product is free of chemical additives and preservatives.
- Store-bought brands cannot match the wonderful flavor of homemade.
- Only a few hours are needed to put up a batch of jam or relish.
- Home preserves make a great personal gift any time of year.

The 400 innovative and enticing recipes include everything from salsas and savory sauces to pickles, chutneys, relishes and, of course, jams, jellies and fruit spreads. You'll find such treats as:
- Mango-Raspberry Jam
- Crabapple Jelly
- Green Pepper Jelly
- Pickled Asparagus
- Roasted Red Pepper Spread
- Tomatillo Salsa
- Brandied Apple Rings
- Apricot-Date Chutney

The book includes comprehensive directions on safe canning and preserving methods, plus lists of required equipment and utensils. Specific instructions for first-timers and handy tips for the experienced make the Complete Book of Home Preserving a valuable addition to any kitchen library.

Authentic Canadian Content

Climate-Wise Landscaping: Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future
Format: Paperback

What can we do, right now, in our own landscapes, to help solve climate change?

Predictions about future effects of climate change range from mild to dire - but we're already seeing warmer winters, hotter summers, and more extreme storms. Proposed solutions often seem expensive and complex, and can leave us as individuals at a loss, wondering what, if anything, can be done.

Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt offer a rallying cry in response - instead of wringing our hands, let's roll up our sleeves. Based on decades of experience, this book is packed with simple, practical steps anyone can take to beautify any landscape or garden, while helping protect the planet and the species that call it home. Topics include:

  • Working actively to shrink our carbon footprint through mindful landscaping and gardening
  • Creating cleaner air and water
  • Increasing physical comfort during hotter seasons
  • Supporting birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife.

This book is the ideal tool for homeowners, gardeners, and landscape professionals who want to be part of the solution to climate change.

"Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt bring complementary backgrounds to bear on the subject of how we can adapt our landscapes to a changing climate. Starting from the premise that the impacts of climate change will only become more severe in the future, the authors have created a comprehensive book that outlines dozens of actions that people can take to adjust to evolving climate regimes. In the process, they articulate a new gardening aesthetic for people who work with small garden plots, farms and woodlots. The result is a positive and hopeful story of how people can use their imagination and ingenuity to help craft more resilient landscapes." -Dr. Peter Robinson, former CEO, David Suzuki Foundation

"Climate-Wise Landscaping is a comprehensive, yet easy to read, source of information on climate-change adaptation and mitigation actions for the homeowner, gardener, and landscape professional. Beautiful photos and pleasing graphics illustrate key ideas and actions while informative sidebars and inspiring quotes from climate and landscape experts provide clarity of complex systems and motivation to adapt to a changing future. The text provides an engaging blend of broad ideas along with specific actions we can take to adapt to climate-change at the level of our home landscapes, whether a small garden plot within an urban area or twenty acres in the countryside." -Julie Richburg, Ph.D., Ecologist

"Given the lateness of the hour, a book on climate-wise landscaping could not be more timely or more necessary. We are moving into a new and critical era, and this book takes landscape professionals and home gardeners where they need to go. The facts, well-presented and practical, will be an eye-opener for many people, and empower us as horticulturists of all stripes to do what is both helpful and imperative. Landscaping has always been more than just exterior decorating, and now we have one more tool in our kit to make the landscape ecosystem a part of the solution. Thank you, Sue and Ginny, for hitting a home run." -Owen Dell RLA, ASLA, landscape architect, educator, author, Owen Dell & Associates

"Gardening is not always as green and good for the planet as we might think. Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt open our eyes to surprisingly common, unsustainable landscaping practices and inspire us to rethink how we create and care for land. This fantastic resource is filled with climate-wise solutions for anyone who owns or manages a piece of ground – even if it’s just a few containers on a tiny rooftop garden. You will quickly learn about exiting ways to offset some of the effects we people have on the planet. The book is easy to navigate and it passionately links better gardening practices with better life quality and a brighter future for our planet." -Claudia West ASLA, Principal, PHYTO STUDIO LLC

Additional Information
320 pages | 7.50" x 9.00" | full colour throughout


Common Mushrooms of the Northwest
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; University/College;

This easy-to-use handbook offers information about common mushrooms from Alaska and northwestern Canada to Saskatchewan in the east and south to the US states of the Pacific northwest. Using crisp, colourful images, Duane Sept illustrates more than 130 species of edible, poisonous and other interesting mushrooms. Inside you’ll find:

~ In depth descriptions for 130 species
~ Details on edible, poisonous, hallucinogenic and other fascinating fungi
~ More than 150 fascinating fungi
~ More that 150 spectacular photographs
~ Tips and techniques for freezing, canning and drying mushrooms
~ Additional information about mushroom ecology, making spore prints and more
~ New edition includes updated scientific names and new species

Authentic Canadian Content

Common Plants of Nunavut
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; Inuit;
Grade Levels: 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; University/College;

Explore the fascinating world of Nunavut’s varied plant life in this richly visual, informative book.

Through beautiful photographs and a broad range of information including traditional knowledge about plant use compiled through interviews with Inuit elders readers will learn about the appearances, adaptations, life cycles, and habitats of the diverse array of plants that live in the North.

Far beyond a barren land of ice and snow, this book will introduce readers to the beautiful variations of plant life that abound on the tundra.

Additional Information
205 pages | 9.00" x 6.50"

Authentic Canadian Content

Common Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 10; 11; 12; University/College;

Wildflowers are all around us!

Whether on a hike, in the backyard or in the living room, readers will be inspired by the stunning photography and informative text in this new guidebook.

The guide includes more than 130 wildflower species, arranged by family so readers can find and identify similar species nearby. A concise color guide to wildflowers features photos arranged by flower color so readers can quickly find and identify species.

For each floral gem, biologist and photographer Duane Sept provides a striking full-color photograph, along with a clear description. Notes on habitat, natural history and similar species are included, along with a clear glossary of terms.

Attractive enough to keep on your coffee table, and small enough to travel with you on long or short hikes, this guide will enhance your appreciation of the magnificent wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest.

Additional Information
96 pages | 5.50" x 8.50"

Authentic Canadian Content

Crafts and Skills of the Native Americans: Tipis, Canoes, Jewelry, Moccasins, and More
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous American; Native American;
Reading Level: N/A

Crafts and Skills of Native Americans is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made Native Americans famous worldwide as artisans and craftsmen. Readers can replicate traditional Native American living by trying a hand at brain tanning, identifying animal tracks, or constructing a horse saddle. Readers can even make distinctive Native American beaded jewelry, a variety of moccasins, headdresses, and gourd rattles. Native American style is unique and popular, especially among young people, historians, and those with a special interest in the American West.

Additional Information
240 pages | 5.50" x 8.50"


DIY Mushroom Cultivation: Growing Mushrooms at Home for Food, Medicine, and Soil
Format: Paperback

Bring mushrooms into your life as you dive into the practice of home-scale mushroom cultivation.

With applications in permaculture, urban farming, cooking, natural medicine, and the arts, interest in home-scale mushroom cultivation is exploding. Yet many beginners remain daunted by the perceived complexity of working with fungi.

DIY Mushroom Cultivation is the remedy, presenting proven, reliable, low-cost techniques for home-scale cultivation that eliminate the need for a clean-air lab space to grow various mushrooms and their mycelium.

Beautiful full-color photos and step-by-step instructions accompany a foundation of mushroom biology and ecology to support a holistic understanding of the practice. Growing techniques are applicable year-round, for any space from house to apartment, and for any climate, budget, or goal. Techniques include:

  • Setting up a home growing space
  • Inexpensive, simple DIY equipment
  • Culture creation from mushroom tissue or spores
  • Growing and using liquid cultures and grain spawn
  • Growing mushrooms on waste streams
  • Indoor fruiting
  • Outdoor mushroom gardens and logs
  • Harvesting, processing, tinctures, and cooking.

Whether you hunt mushrooms or dream about growing and working with them but feel constrained by a small living space, DIY Mushroom Cultivation is the ideal guide for getting started in the fascinating and delicious world of fungiculture.

Additional Information
208 pages | 7.50" x 9.00"

Authentic Canadian Content

Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Northwest
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous;

The edible and medicinal wild plants of the Northwest have a long history of traditional use, with some remarkable success stories. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of years’ experience with the nourishing and healing properties of indigenous plants have been passed down through generations of Native peoples. Today, some deadly diseases such as breast and ovarian cancers are treated with extracts from native plants. Many roots, flowers, leaves and stems can be eaten raw or cooked, and some plants can even be made into beer. A surprising number of common local plants make tasty, nutritious treats or relieve health troubles. Meet 66 of them in this amazing new book!

Chapters include information on trees, shrubs, wildflowers, aquatic plants, horsetails, ferns and poisonous plants with lists of therapeutic plant uses and a medicinal glossary.

Authentic Canadian Content

Essential Composting Toilets: A Guide to Options, Design, Installation, and Use
Format: Paperback

From wastestream to mainstream, a practical guide to composting toilet systems.

Composting toilets are a key feature for local resilience, money saving, water conservation, resource recovery, septic system replacement, and an improved bathroom experience in rural and urban buildings.

Essential Composting Toilets is a streamlined manual that takes a practical, how-to approach to composting toilet system selection, design, installation, and operation, while meeting universal health and safety objectives. Drawing from existing regulations and research, this book dispels myths and provides tools to assess various systems. It includes:

  • Easily-understood drawings, plans, and photos
  • Coverage of all main composting toilet systems
  • Selection criteria including site considerations, urine separation pros/cons, renovations/new builds, ventilation, servicing, and composting details
  • Design and installation details.

Offering a professional approach accessible to DIYers, homeowners, designers, building consultants, water conservation advocates, and regulators, Essential Composting Toilets provides key information for redesigning toilet systems anywhere in the world.

Series Information
This book is part of the Sustainable Building Essentials series, which covers the full range of natural and green building techniques with a focus on sustainable materials and methods and code compliance. Firmly rooted in sound building science and drawing on decades of experience, these large-format, highly-illustrated manuals deliver comprehensive, practical guidance from leading experts using a well-organized step-by-step approach. Whether your interest is foundations, walls, insulation, mechanical systems or final finishes, these unique books present the essential information on each topic including:

  • Material specifications, testing and building code references
  • Plan drawings for all common applications
  • Tool lists and complete installation instructions
  • Finishing, maintenance and renovation techniques
  • Budgeting and labor estimates
  • Additional resources

Written by the world’s leading sustainable builders, designers and engineers, these succinct, user-friendly handbooks are indispensable tools for any project where accurate and reliable information are key to success.

Additional Information
192 pages | 8.50" x 11.00" | 30 line drawings, 65 halftones, and 24 colour illustrations



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