Making Connections

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Readers connect to text when something evokes a memory. When talking to students about making connections it is important to emphasize that:

  1. A reader makes a connection to a piece of text when a memory surfaces.
  2. Readers can make connections to many aspects of a book: the illustrations, information in the charts, maps and diagrams, etc.
  3. There are several types of connections that a reader can make:
    • - connections between the book and the reader’s own life
    • - connections between the book and other reading material the reader has previously encountered
    • - connections between the book and events in the reader’s world

The Kids Book of the Night Sky
Jane Drake
Ann Love
Heather Collins
Format: Paperback
In this book in the Family Fun series, boys and girls will discover all the secrets the night sky holds. They can play games like "Night Sky I Spy," keep an astronomer's log and read about night sky myths. Star maps are included for each season -- so kids will know what to look for, when and where. Then as the sun goes down and the sky goes dark, they'll be ready for the night sky's all-star show.

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