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Me Funny
Traditional Territory: Ojibway
Format: Paperback
  • An irreverent, insightful take on our First Nations' great gift to Canada, delivered by a stellar cast of contributors. Humour has always been an essential part of North American Aboriginal culture. This fact remained unnoticed by most settlers, however, since non-Aboriginals just didn't get the joke. Indians, it was believed, never laughed. But Indians themselves always knew better. As an award-winning playwright, columnist and comedy-sketch creator, Drew Hayden Taylor has spent fifteen years writing and researching Aboriginal humour. For this book, he asked a leading group of writers from a variety of fields -- among them such celebrated wordsmiths as Thomas King, Lee Maracle and Tomson Highway -- to take a look at what makes Aboriginal humour tick. Their challenging, informative and hilarious contributions examine the use of humour in areas as diverse as stand-up comedy, fiction, visual art, drama, performance, poetry, traditional storytelling and education. As Me Funny makes clear, there is no single definition of Aboriginal humour. But the contributors do agree on some common ground: Native humour pushes the envelope. With this collection, readers will have the unforgettable opportunity to appreciate that for themselves.


River of Salmon Peoples
Traditional Territory: Various
Format: Paperback
  • The River of the Salmon People captures what the
    Fraser River, and its most valuable resource, the
    salmon, means to First Nations communities along
    its basin. The result of nine community engagements,
    extensive research over two years, and illuminating
    photographs and artwork, this book captures the oral
    narratives of each community along the river.
    The book, while capturing timeless Indigenous stories
    and legends about the salmon and the river, is also an
    exploration of the future of the salmon and of the waters
    of the Fraser River. It will have high appeal to readers
    interested in First Nations issues, the sustainability of
    the salmon, and the environmental challenges facing
    the world today.
    The River of the Salmon People is an expression of the
    people, culture, ceremony and songs along the Fraser
    of will be of deep interest to both the general reader
    and students of the environment and Indigenous rights.


Traditional Narratives of the Rock Cree Indians
Format: Paperback
  • First published in 1980 by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, this study presents narratives from different genres of Rock Cree oral literature in northwestern Manitoba together with interpretive and comparative commentary. The collection comprises narratives of the trickster-transformer Wisahkicahk, animal-human characters, spirit guardians, the wihtikow or cannibal monster, humorous experiences, sorcery, and early encounters with Catholicism.


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