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Readers are able to determine what is important when they can identify the main idea in a piece of nonfiction text. When talking to students about determining importance it should be emphasized that:

  1. Nonfiction books are filled with information. Some of this information is really important because it is outlining the main idea of the text. Some of it is extra detail that is meant to help the reader get a clearer picture of the topic.
  2. Visualizing the key ideas can help the reader to block out the extra details and to determine what is really important in the text.
  3. Some nonfiction text is written in a sequence (recipes, model building instructions, experiments, etc.). Sketching or writing the events in the correct order will help to determine the main idea of the text.

Building an Igloo
Author: Ulli Steltzer
Format: Paperback
  • B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.3- Physical Science

    The author explains how to find the perfect texture of snow and use it to create a cozy, but icy home in the igloo building process, by using black and white illustrations.


Tadpoles to Frogs
Author: Bobbie Kalman
Format: Paperback
  • Most babies are smaller versions of their parents, but some babies do not look anything like their adult counterparts. This book looks at the life cycle of pond frogs and tree frogs, with amazing photographs following their metamorphosis from tadpoles to adult amphibian. This book is so much more than just another life-cycle book, with easy-to-follow text describing frogs different habitats, how they find food, and how they protect themselves.


The Inuksuk Book
Author: Mary Wallace
Format: Paperback
  • In a stunning book, artist and children's author Mary Wallace, in consultation with Inuit elders and other noted experts, gives a fascinating introduction in words, pictures, and paintings to the many forms of the inuksuk structure and its unique place in Inuit life and culture.


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